Marketing and consumerism in saudi arabia


Marketing is vital to the sanitypains diligence for branding and growing sanity systems. In this assignment, you procure assimilate and opposition communicateing facts and notification for a dental sanitypains quickness in Jeddah. Review the forthcoming boundary.

Ahmad, A. E. M. K. (2016). Factors influencing consumer exquisite of secret dental pains provider in Saudi Arabia. Journal of Management Research, 8(4), 68-81. (attached)

Write a 5-6-page paper using the readings, lore, and your apprehension of consumerism influencing communicateing.

Your paper should dissect the forthcoming tactile requirements:

  • Descriptions of what consumers are looking for in a dental quickness in Jeddah.
  • Evaluate the facts offered and any notification that would be precious that is not offer in the con-over.
  • Assess how consumerism plays (or should play) a role in the communicateing management of dental facilities in Jeddah.
  • Provide two recommendations on how to communicate the dental quickness in Jeddah.
  • Recommend how to instructor the facts to determine your communicateing mode is started.

Your description should confront the forthcoming structural requirements:

  • Be 5-6 pages in protraction, not including the secure or relation pages.
  • Be formatted according to APA fitness guidelines.
  • Provide food for your statements after a while in-text citations from a minimum of six scholarly boundarys. 
  • Utilize headings to adjust the willing in your composition.

Plagiarism unconditional (less than 15%)