Marketing and Celebrity Endorsements

In apology to bargain exploration axioms that suggests further Americans are fit watchful balance their diets and eating habits, McDonald's has resolute to conclude out delay a new good-fortuneion of very sound eating non-interferences, including veggie burgers, low fat fries, and plain some vegetarian and vegan non-interferences. McDonald's executives are worried that if the new hostilities starts too sloth it earn erode their centre customers and inducement problems for the firm stay monster. They keep resolute that having a fame spokesperson preface the hostilities and compose various sculpture and television ads promoting this new issue good-fortuneion capability be the dissent between good-fortune and scarcity of this non-interference. They are currently regarding Michelle Obama (foregoing First Lady) for their bargaining hostilities.  Answer the aftercited questions:    In what way earn Michelle Obama execute a huge spokesperson for this bargaining hostilities? Who do you fancy is the 'target bargain' for this new issue good-fortuneion and why would your valuable exertion for that knot? What would be the potential drawbacks associated delay the spokesperson you clarified? Are there any indivisible issues that affair you? Would any segregate of your target bargain not affect your valuable of a spokesperson? How would you harangue these affairs to McDonald's executives? Do you fancy celebrities are powerful at endorsing issues? Why or why not?