Marianna tends to take a lot of time to manage conflict between her

1.   Marianna tends to confirm a lot of opportunity to administer combat among her employees, focusing a on a win-win disintegration that satisfies twain parties. Her mode of administerment combat would be referred to as 


  A. collaboration. 

  B. conformity. 

  C. grace. 

  D. two-of-a-trade. 

2.   Enrique is eager by the notion of _______ example, which is broadly arranged natant members of a order, structure, or collection. 


  A. authentic 

  B. appraise-based 

  C. distributed 

  D. collaborative 

3.   Which of the aftercited orientations encircling intellectual example involves sobriety, temperateness, and a balanced arrival to issues? 


  A. Sustainability 

  B. Humane 

  C. Moderation 

  D. Justice

4.   Reviewing the results of the Ohio State University consider on example deportment, Alessandra discovers that the account remuneration refers to 


  A. a zealous soundness of special personality. 

  B. the quantity to which the head is restless after a while the success of the order. 

  C. a magnitude to retain urgency. 

  D. the application of chiefship in gregarious situations. 



5.   According to Bernard Bass, a/an _______ head concentrates on pleasing or altering the needs of subordinates, rather than focusing on how their ordinary needs jurisdiction be met. 


  A. appraises-based 

  B. transactional 

  C. transformational 

  D. inspirational 

6.   According to James MacGregor Burns, a convenient appraise in the interdependence among heads and cortege is 


  A. intention. 

  B. government. 

  C. undeveloped. 

  D. cleanness. 


7.   The account _______ refers to answer an delectable disintegration to combat that all parties can minimally confirm. 


  A. enforcing 

  B. compromising 

  C. satisficing 

  D. bargaining 

8.   The avoid bearing of the haggling order typically involves 


  A. bargaining. 

  B. provision. 

  C. dissentment. 

  D. bestowal. 

9.   One of the characteristics of fanciful example is _______, which is considered a prerequisite of creativity, alteration, and forward-thinking enjoyment. 


  A. optimism 

  B. collaboration 

  C. audacity 

  D. intrepidity 

10.   One of the ways heads institute and preserve exactness is through "practicing what they proclaim." Kouzes and Posner picture this "practice" of exactness as 


  A. modeling the way. 

  B. stepping into the hidden. 

  C. vivacious a distributed longing. 

  D. rectitude matching. 


11.   Roxanne recognizes that by instituteing rules that word contiguity among two employees who are in combat, she can instrument a keen, short-account _______ arrival to managing the combat. 


  A. avoidance 

  B. deportmental 

  C. accommodating 

  D. attitudinal 

12.   _______ can be a origin of structureal combat in the subject of is-sueers in irrelative shifts dissenting encircling is-sue procedures, documentation, and structure of the is-suespace they distribute. 


  A. Interdependence 

  B. Goal incompatibility 

  C. Reorigin allocation 

  D. Reorigin scarcity 


13.   Creative heads needs to flaunt _______, which may be pictured as a magnitude to acquire from their experiences, adopt in self-reflection and self-critique, and exercise their acquireing to coming problems. 


  A. energy 

  B. temperateness 

  C. acquireing agility 

  D. empathy 

14.   Leadership has occurred when 


  A. cortege violate new rules and objectives handed down from top administerment. 

  B. someone tries to strain government or regulate balance cortege. 

  C. a order has been stimulated to change in a new line. 

  D. colossus confirms impeach and decides what to do. 

15.   _______ is a order in which tribe dissent balance momentous issues, accordingly creating contact. 


  A. Conflict 

  B. Competition 

  C. Contrast 

  D. Interdependence 


16.   After considering the biographies of divers earth heads, Saul realizes that a undeveloped head must interpret a order and furnish ways to _______ it. 


  A. manipulate 

  B. regulate 

  C. command 

  D. energize 

17.   According to Burns, the variety among government and example is that government serves the concerns of the government wielder, forasmuch-as example serves 


  A. the concern of the head. 

  B. the concerns of the governmentless. 

  C. the concerns of the cortege. 

  D. twain the head's concerns and those of the adherent. 

18.   _______ is a order whereby two or over parties penetrate a mutually consistent preparation. 


  A. Interdependence 

  B. Negotiation 

  C. Competition 

  D. Conflict 

19.   The affluence arrival to example assumes that 


  A. irrelative situations claim irrelative modes of example. 

  B. a head's deportment is over great than his or her traits. 

  C. a head's traits are over great than deportment. 

  D. intrepidity and creativity are the most great competencies of example. 


20.   According to Bernard Bass, the _______ head exchanges rewards for services rendered so as to correct subordinates' job exploit. 


  A. compensatory 

  B. exploit-oriented 

  C. rewards-oriented 

  D. transactional