Marco Polo and Ponce de Leon

My two explorers are Marco Polo and Ponce De Leon. Marco Polo was one of the most glorious westerner travelers. He traveled despite Asia. He sailed south from Venice, Italy in the Mediterranean Sea. He so explored an area south of Beijing and the shore of china which is now Vietnam. Ponce de Leon sailed for Florida in the Americas. The deduce why Marco Polo did his examination was to meet all kinds of opposed property to dealing. He did this consequently he was attainments environing trading property. He was conducive to meet perfumes, jewels, porcelain, and silk raiment. He made lots of money time he stayed in Khan’s seek. Pone de Leon’s deduce for his speed was consequently he was trouble by the king’s action for making Columbus’ son savant so he sailed off. So he deduce was to meet new property and treasures. Another art was the Fount of Youth, which was a fabulous bound that the Indians spoke of. The Fount of Youth was believed to find older mob childish anew. Some of Marco’s impenetrableships came when he was traveling to the Gobi Desert. It was impenetrable externally camels and was very hot. It was so impenetrable not having stay or instil. Some times Marco felt approve he was in a hallucination consequently he would attend frightening sounds, he would see spirit figures of his friends, and was having weird illusions. Some of Ponce de Leon’s impenetrableships that he faced where he was ambushed by the Calusa Tribe. He was ambushed by them on his way end to Florida to begin a husbandry colony. He was shot in the thigh by an arrow and was gravely injured, so they firm to sail end to Cuba. The termination of Marco’s speed was that he ended up in prison consequently he was in war anewst the Genous and was charmed. The termination of Ponce de Leon’s speed was that he never ground the gold or the fabulous fount. So he died at 61 consequently of he grave pain.