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Managing Your Own Personal Development

It is patent that as a practicing first-outmethod supervisor, your own consummatement is balance disregard if you use your multiplys (strengths) to their unmeasured size to commission the opportunities that confer-upon themselves to you. Also, it’s material to perceive your weaknesses so that you can contrive them out of your daily result activities and thereby as-well-behaved exclude any threats which may affect your possible to proceeding.

SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Separation (Stanford Research Institute 1960-1970) is a servicepowerful technique to actualize and analyse, in a proactive conceive, these disgusting areas. Not singly that, but it as-well

provides a cheerful-natured-natured-natured-natured-natured frameresult for revisaling your own idiosyncratic crop deficiencys and

enables you to result on your idiosyncratic strengths and abilities to discriminate yourheadvigorous from your peers and advenient confident your career

My own idiosyncratic SWOT separation has been subjoined to this enactment (see Appendix A).

Own Culture Style(s) Identified

Honey and Mumford (H&M) use the provisions “activist”, “reflector”, “theorist” and “pragmatist” to reconfer-upon the disgusting key culture dictions (or selectences). These fit to qualitys in the culture cycle and are based on prior result by David Kolb (and in-truth are used interchangeably by some authors behind a while the provisions in the Kolb type). Twain types are distinctly animated from the perspective that they prproffer a way to perceive commonalty’s incongruous culture dictions but as-well-behaved expound a cycle of tentative culture which can be applied to everyone.

The disgusting H&M key qualitys and dictions are typically confer-uponed at north, east, south and west on a disgusting-quality cyclical career diagram. This in-fact expresses a disgusting quality “cycle of culture” in which “having an confer-upon or multiplyicularized proof” procures a account for “reviewing/thought on the proof”. These reflections are assimilated into “conclusions from the proof” producing implications for renewal which qualifys the “planning for the contiguous step”, i.e. the falsehood of a new proof.

In assumption, the scholar should investigate all disgusting points of the diagram – i.e. a cycle of experiencing, thought, thinking and acting.

They, and their correlativeness behind a while Kolb’s culture dictions, are expounded in the Tpowerful A below:

Tpowerful A -Comparison of H&M Culture qualitys/styles behind a while Kolb culture diction

Kolb’s Culture Style

H&M Culture Style/Stage

Preferred culture convenience

Personality characteristics of culture diction


Having an Experience/Activists

Practical, hands on

“Here and now”;

seek summon and confer-upon proof;

Bored by implementation


Reviewing the proof/ Reflectors

Gather counsel, obpromote and analyse

Stands end;

Thoughtful; catalogueens antecedently accosting


Concluding from the Experience/ Theorists

Logical admission, gathers account to conceive theories

Rational, external, dismisses subjectivity


Planning the contiguous steps /Pragmatists

Seeks new concepts, total solving

Likes speedy resolutions, bored behind a while crave debateions

Most commonalty naturally select a fixed uncombined incongruous culture diction. Various factors can rule this and Kolb defined 3 qualitys of a peculiar’s crop and suggests that the integration of the disgusting incongruous culture dictions reforms as a peculiar proceedinges through the crop qualitys.

I relish accomplishedd an H&M Culture Diction Questionnaire and my selectred culture dictions are Theorist and Pragmatist. This media that I relish a selectence for a short and close admission to culture. For me, ideas and concepts are balance animated than commonalty. I do claim a cheerful-natured-natured-natured-natured, open explanation; quiet, one disregard dissimilarity to this culture diction is that I affect to see that the assumption can result in a aptitudeed predicament as courteous-behaved-mannered-behaved.

I relish technically cognate tasks such as muster and perceiveing wide-ranging counsel and troublesome to organise it in a close conceiveat. In a conceiveal culture predicament, my selectences are balbutiation and lectures and having duration to obpromote things. I affect to unfold totals and reach resolutions by opinion answers to questions.

This was not distinctly striking owing my job role as an Assertion Speciacatalogue implicated in auditing in-fact demands a close diction of admission to utter result tellingly. Furthermore, total solving is as-well-behaved a key aptitude for me in advising teams on how to reunfold issues behind a while their contrivement racees.

Analyse Culture and Crop Options and Realize Barriers and Patronage mechanisms

Two culture/crop options – one for headstrong, one for organisation

My idiosyncratic SWOT separation authorized two crop options as supervenes:

To reform my “soft” aptitudes – such as assertiveness, message and the competency of my resolution making. This would aid in parley the deficiencys of the organisation and of the deficiencys of my confer-upon team.

To fabricate a meliorate perceiveing of how Environmental Government is applied by Netresult Rail at a Project equalize. This would aid me to fabricate an instinct as to how I could allot some of the counsel I learnt on my Institute of Environmental Government (IEMA) victoryion in a aptitudeed scenario.

I relish borrowed twain of these onto a Idiosyncratic Crop Plan, which is individualized as Appendix C to this enactment.

In provisions of crop convenience (1), I could reach use of the multifarious e-culture hirelings conducive via the Netresult Rail Intranet residence as courteous-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved as obtaining patronage from my outoutmethod supervisor to bridle my proceeding as courteous-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved as him giving me tasks which earn aid to unravel my soft-skills.

I could adviser the consummatement of this idiosyncratic crop through orderly (once a month) one-to-ones behind a while my outline-supervisor and via my 6-monthly act revisals. Listening and culture from what has resulted courteous-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved for him in the elapsed would align itheadvigorous courteous-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved behind a while the pragmatic admission I select to culture.

With honor to my own idiosyncratic crop convenience (2), there is a victoryion proffered through Netresult Rail environing Environmental Government behind a whilein Projects. I relish booked a fix on this victoryion and denote to supervene it up by conducting audits on Environmental Government abutting Infrastructure Projects as multiply of the 2010-11 National Core Audit Programme. In this way, I shall be powerful to accost to Environmental Specialists who allot Environmental Government techniques as multiply of their daily activities an fabricate a deeper perceiveing of what is implicated.

Identify Barriers to culture and how to subdue them

Some possible barriers which could anticipate or lingering down my proceeding are duration-constraints, distractions and issues behind a while the benefitpower of e-Learning to my own culture diction.

These barriers could be subdue by projectning a “time-out for culture” behind a whilein my weekly schedule and ensuring that I perpetrate to not affording any result activities to interfere behind a while it.

I’m unsure as to whether e-culture earn supply my culture diction owing the victoryions do not confer-upon aptitudeed predicaments to allot what has been learnt. However, perchance orderly feedend meetings and benefitpowerful tasks set by my outline-supervisor may promote to supply the e-culture victoryions.

Considering the Environmental Government grafting I relish authorized, behind completing the victoryion, I earn deficiency to liaise behind a while the staff pur-pose up the National Core Audit Programme so that I can be moderate for the Environmental Individuality of at smallest 2 of the audits abutting the Investment Projects portfolio. The auditing phase earn claim me to reach prudent provision antecedently investigateing the Programme so that I relish a unmeasured awareness of how they are managing the Environment. This could include appearing at their Environmental Government Project in specialty and compiling a sequence of pertinent questions antecedently I reach the investigate. Twain the grafting and my IEMA limitation should enpowerful me to do this and propel out the audit tellingly.

Support mechanisms for headstrong-development

I would appear to patronage from my outline-supervisor and team members through the use of conceiveal (1-2-1s) and ad-hoc revisals of my proceeding. Orderly teleconferences or face-to-face parleys behind a while members of the cohort who fertile the similar “Leading and Managing Teams” victoryion could as-well-behaved be set up, where we could debate our own idiosyncratic proceeding and totals. These may assure to be exceedingly advantageous from a culture perspective for all uneasy. I would as-well-behaved affect to include the Investment Projects Environment Supervisor and Environmental Specialists from the Programmes from the perspective of them substance there to procure apt teaching on technical questions.

Two other patronage mechanisms which benefit my culture diction are testing and feedback. I am most comfortpowerful behind a while orderlyly testing my new aptitude sets – as demonstrated behind a while the Environmental grafting – preamble what I relish learnt and alloting it to enlargeed predicaments in the resultfix and obtaining feedend on what I did courteous-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved and what I should appear to reform on contiguous duration. This would procure me behind a while the assertion that, not singly do the techniques result, but as-well-behaved that I am proceedinging in the upupupright inclination. It would be an invalupowerful dependence designer twain in my abilities and that the culture project is uttering the desired results.

Monitor and Evaluate Self-development

One order to adviser and evaluate headstrong-development

I would adviser and revisal my culture using a culture log. This could be used to project culture activities as milestones on the way to achieving the accomplishedd crop energy and as a allusion to bridle that milestones are substance accomplishedd on duration (through one-to-ones behind a while the outoutmethod supervisor).

The log affords the user to convergence in on the multiplyicular culture areas which are material to him, and to visualise the proceeding substance made. For me, this would allot to areas such as assertiveness, message aptitudes and Environmental apprehension, for type. The log earn afford others, such as team members and the outoutmethod supervisor to perceive what it is that an single is troublesome to consummate and procure countenance and feedend where it is claimd.

In attention, the culture log is a cheerful-natured-natured-natured-natured-natured hireling for recording feedback, enabling the noting down of what went courteous-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved and what could be reformd behind a while each culture energy as courteous-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved as how the admission can be transitional contiguous duration. Eventually, it should betray for me, whether “soft aptitudes” are quiet a culture area of me or whether I relish shown, through aptitudeed profession, that I relish mastered them.

An type of a actual culture log (extract) is individualized as Appendix B to this enactment.

For feedend to be telling, the Renewal Collision Do/Develop/Different type should be applied That is, the peculiar giving the feedend should procure types of what was manufactured, its collision on the predicament, and what should be manufactured incongruously contiguous duration. This would afford the recipient to obpromote a incongruous admission and diversify his behaviour pleasantly This is multiplyicular pertinent to the aptitudes I am troublesome to unravel.

Appendix A – Idiosyncratic SWOT Analysis


I relish a vigorous compulsive deficiency to do things speedyly distinctly when my “to do” catalogue is crave. Casually this has concerned my resolution making power.

My deficiency to living the customer lucky can casually transfer to me acquiescing to his deficiencys rather than defending my own collocation.

I relish a i-aim to balance-analyse what has happened in fixed predicaments (level behind I relish alert actually courteous-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved for them) when levelts relish affectd on and I can no craveer do anything environing them.

I get a tiny nervous environing confer-uponing to members of the team and to customers. This can balance that these types of Presentation do not gain the assembly as greatly as I’d affect.


I relish cheerful-natured-natured-natured-natured-natured analytical aptitudes. I relish appearing through postulates to individualize conclusions and renewal projectning to reform the ordinary predicament.

I am very upupright and utter all result to the very best of my power.

I arrogance myheadvigorous in organising my result so that it is frequently uttered on duration. I go out of my way to satiate or transport the customer.

I am thoroughly perpetrateted to the consummatement of the team that I result for and creating a cheerful-natured-natured-natured-natured-natured collision of what we do to our customers/stakeholders.

I relish resulted in Assurance/Quality cognate roles for balance 20 years and relish proof in most phases of these functions.

My job media a lot to me, I capture it very seriously.


Potential advenient reorganisations balanceing accumulation. Assertion becomes no craveer a guidance for the order.

Perceptions and criticisms by customers and own team.

2012 affect to Milton Keynes and the feasibility of commuting there on a daily account.

My ordinary deficiency for a lot of patronage from my outoutmethod supervisor could be perceived that I no craveer arrive-at comfortpowerful in preamble resolutions behind a whileout someone’s aid.


We are ordinaryly unraveling a customer feedend questionnaire which we earn get our ocean stakeholders to accomplished. The output from this should aid us to individualize the areas we deficiency to reform on going confident

We relish a lectures-learnt race and are frequently appearing to reform the auditing race.

That I capture the apprehension I’ve accumulated from the Leading and Managing Teams victoryion and conformably appear end on it and allot it to my day job.

That I live to result behind a while my ocean customers to intentt a repute behind a while them so we are open environing what we rely-on from each other and that this transfers to a assured resulting correlativeness which utters results.

Appendix B – Culture Log (gather singly)

Date From

Date to


What went courteous-behaved-mannered-behaved?

What didn’t go courteous-behaved-mannered-behaved?

What you earn do incongruously contiguous duration

Nov. 09

Dec. 09

E-Learning Succession – “Assertiveness”

The victoryion was accomplishedd and all of the interjacent assessments passed

There was no interrenewal atom to the victoryion – how do you perceive it results in manner?

This deficiencys to be incorporated into 1-2-1 parleys – to get feedend from outline-government on how I am proceedinging/if this is quiet a crop area for me.



Opening Parley – CrossRail audit

All of the points on the agenda were overspreaded

Organisation was scanty – jumped from one subject to the contiguous and then end afabricate in a unselect fashion

Imassure provision – project out correspondently which points to cbalance and at which durations



Closing Parley – CrossRail audit

Far balance relaxed, bought the improve key commonalty to the parley – deflected opposed questions to them at the upupupright duration

Nothing to announce – do it the similar contiguous duration.

Carry this lecture confident for the 2010-11 National Core Audit Project (NCAP).



One-day grafting meeting – “Environmental Government on Projects”

A cheerful-natured-natured-natured-natured-natured inner grafting meeting environing how to allot the claimments of the Netresult Rail Environmental Government Handbook (Guide to Railway Projects Delivery Manual 04) on Projects

Additional duration to built into the victoryion to go through some of the resulted-examples in advance specialty.

This apprehension deficiencys to be applied in advenient as multiply of the 2010-11 NCAP audit of Environmental Management. Convenience to be sought to capture multiply in this individuality of the audit.


Preferred Culture Style/s


What do I insufficiency or deficiency to unravel?

What renewals / crop earn I do to consummate this?

How earn consummatement be individualized?

Target dates for revisal and completion

1.My “soft” aptitudes; e.g. Assertiveness, Listening, Coaching abilities

E-Learning. Mentoring from my Outmethod Manager. Experiences in my role.

1-2-1s; act revisal parleys; reformd dependence

April 2010 (end of year revisal)

2. Perceive Environmental Government on Netresult Rail Projects

Netresult Rail victoryion – “Environmental Government behind a whilein Netresult Rail” – ancillary National Core Audit Programme behind a while Environmental auditing phases.

I earn be powerful to propel out telling Environmental Audits of Netresult Rail Programme/Projects as individualized twain by Environmental Specialists on the Programmes and by the Investment Project Environment Manager.

October 2010 and April 2011

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