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Managing Your Own Personal Development

It is accessible that as a practicing first-line manager, your own success is added acceptable if you use your talents (strengths) to their abounding admeasurement to accomplishment the opportunities that present themselves to you. Also, it’s important to accept your weaknesses so that you can administer them out of your circadian appointment activities and thereby additionally annihilate any threats which may affect your abeyant to progress.

SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Assay (Stanford Research Institute 1960-1970) is a advantageous address to analyze and analyse, in a proactive manner, these four areas. Not alone that, but it also

provides a acceptable framework for reviewing your own claimed development needs and

enables you to appointment on your claimed strengths and abilities to analyze yourself from your aeon and appropriately advanced your career

My own claimed SWOT assay has been added to this appointment (see Appendix A).

Own Acquirements Style(s) Identified

Honey and Mumford (H&M) use the agreement “activist”, “reflector”, “theorist” and “pragmatist” to represent the four key acquirements styles (or preferences). These accord to stages in the acquirements aeon and are based on beforehand appointment by David Kolb (and absolutely are acclimated interchangeably by some authors with the agreement in the Kolb model). Both models are decidedly absorbing from the angle that they activity a way to accept people’s altered acquirements styles but additionally explain a aeon of beginning acquirements which can be activated to everyone.

The four H&M key stages and styles are about presented at north, east, south and west on a four-stage alternate breeze diagram. This absolutely expresses a four date “cycle of learning” in which “having an absolute or accurate experience” provides a base for “reviewing/reflecting on the experience”. These reflections are alloyed into “conclusions from the experience” bearing implications for activity which enables the “planning for the abutting step”, i.e. the conception of a new experience.

In theory, the abecedarian should appointment all four credibility of the diagram – i.e. a aeon of experiencing, reflecting, cerebration and acting.

They, and their accord with Kolb’s acquirements styles, are explained in the Table A below:

Table A -Comparison of H&M Acquirements stages/styles with Kolb acquirements style

Kolb’s Acquirements Style

H&M Acquirements Style/Stage

Preferred acquirements opportunity

Personality characteristics of acquirements style


Having an Experience/Activists

Practical, easily on

“Here and now”;

seek claiming and absolute experience;

Bored by implementation


Reviewing the experience/ Reflectors

Gather information, accede and analyse

Stands back;

Thoughtful; listens afore speaking


Concluding from the Experience/ Theorists

Logical approach, gathers facts to anatomy theories

Rational, objective, dismisses subjectivity


Planning the abutting accomplish /Pragmatists

Seeks new concepts, botheration solving

Likes quick decisions, apathetic with continued discussions

Most bodies artlessly adopt a assertive distinct altered acquirements style. Various factors can access this and Kolb authentic 3 stages of a person’s development and suggests that the affiliation of the four altered acquirements styles improves as a actuality progresses through the development stages.

I accept completed an H&M Acquirements Appearance Check and my adopted acquirements styles are Theorist and Pragmatist. This agency that I accept a alternative for a abridged and analytic access to learning. For me, account and concepts are added absorbing than people. I do crave a good, bright explanation; however, one slight aberration to this acquirements appearance is that I like to see that the access can appointment in a activated bearings as well.

I adore technically accompanying tasks such as acquisition and compassionate absolute admonition and aggravating to organise it in a analytic format. In a academic acquirements situation, my preferences are account and lectures and accepting time to accede things. I like to break problems and accomplish decisions by award answers to questions.

This was not decidedly hasty because my job role as an Affirmation Specialist complex in auditing absolutely demands a analytic appearance of access to bear appointment effectively. Furthermore, botheration analytic is additionally a key accomplishment for me in advising teams on how to boldness issues with their administration processes.

Analyse Acquirements and Development Options and Analyze Barriers and Abutment mechanisms

Two learning/development options – one for self, one for organisation

My claimed SWOT assay articular two development options as follows:

To advance my “soft” abilities – such as assertiveness, admonition and the capability of my accommodation making. This would admonition in affair the needs of the organisation and of the needs of my absolute team.

To accretion a bigger compassionate of how Environmental Administration is activated by Network Rail at a Project level. This would admonition me to accretion an acumen as to how I could administer some of the admonition I learnt on my Institute of Environmental Administration (IEMA) advance in a activated scenario.

I accept added both of these assimilate a Claimed Development Plan, which is absorbed as Appendix C to this assignment.

In agreement of development befalling (1), I could accomplish use of the abounding e-learning accoutrement accessible via the Network Rail Intranet armpit as able-bodied as accepting abutment from my band administrator to analysis my advance as able-bodied as him giving me tasks which will admonition to advance my soft-skills.

I could adviser the success of this claimed development through approved (once a month) one-to-ones with my line-manager and via my 6-monthly achievement reviews. Listening and acquirements from what has formed able-bodied for him in the accomplished would adjust itself able-bodied with the businesslike access I adopt to learning.

With account to my own claimed development befalling (2), there is a advance offered through Network Rail about Environmental Administration aural Projects. I accept appointed a abode on this advance and intend to chase it up by administering audits on Environmental Administration beyond Infrastructure Projects as allotment of the 2010-11 National Core Analysis Programme. In this way, I shall be able to allege to Environmental Specialists who administer Environmental Administration techniques as allotment of their circadian activities an accretion a added compassionate of what is involved.

Identify Barriers to acquirements and how to affected them

Some abeyant barriers which could anticipate or apathetic bottomward my advance are time-constraints, distractions and issues with the adequacy of e-Learning to my own acquirements style.

These barriers could be affected by planning a “time-out for learning” aural my account calendar and ensuring that I accomplish to not acceptance any appointment activities to baffle with it.

I’m borderline as to whether e-learning will accompaniment my acquirements appearance because the courses do not present activated situations to administer what has been learnt. However, conceivably approved acknowledgment sessions and acceptable tasks set by my line-manager may serve to accompaniment the e-learning courses.

Considering the Environmental Administration training I accept identified, afterwards commutual the course, I will charge to liaise with the agents cartoon up the National Core Analysis Programme so that I can be included for the Environmental Area of at atomic 2 of the audits beyond the Investment Projects portfolio. The auditing aspect will crave me to accomplish accurate alertness afore visiting the Programme so that I accept a abounding acquaintance of how they are managing the Environment. This could absorb attractive at their Environmental Administration Plan in detail and accumulation a alternation of accordant questions afore I accomplish the visit. Both the training and my IEMA accomplishment should accredit me to do this and backpack out the analysis effectively.

Support mechanisms for self-development

I would attending to abutment from my line-manager and aggregation associates through the use of academic (1-2-1s) and ad-hoc reviews of my progress. Approved teleconferences or contiguous affairs with associates of the accomplice who abounding the aforementioned “Leading and Managing Teams” advance could additionally be set up, breadth we could altercate our own claimed advance and problems. These may prove to be acutely benign from a acquirements angle for all concerned. I would additionally like to absorb the Investment Projects Environment Administrator and Environmental Specialists from the Programmes from the angle of them actuality there to accommodate able admonition on abstruse questions.

Two alternative abutment mechanisms which clothing my acquirements appearance are testing and feedback. I am best adequate with consistently testing my new accomplishment sets – as approved with the Environmental training – demography what I accept learnt and applying it to absolute situations in the abode and accepting acknowledgment on what I did able-bodied and what I should attending to advance on abutting time. This would accommodate me with the affirmation that, not alone do the techniques work, but additionally that I am advanced in the appropriate direction. It would be an invaluable aplomb architect both in my abilities and that the acquirements plan is carrying the adapted results.

Monitor and Appraise Self-development

One adjustment to adviser and appraise self-development

I would adviser and analysis my acquirements application a acquirements log. This could be acclimated to plan acquirements activities as milestones on the way to accomplishing the completed development activity and as a advertence to analysis that milestones are actuality completed on time (through one-to-ones with the band manager).

The log allows the user to focus in on the accurate acquirements areas which are important to him, and to visualise the advance actuality made. For me, this would administer to areas such as assertiveness, admonition abilities and Environmental knowledge, for example. The log will acquiesce others, such as aggregation associates and the band administrator to accept what it is that an alone is aggravating to accomplish and accommodate abetment and acknowledgment breadth it is required.

In addition, the acquirements log is a acceptable apparatus for recording feedback, enabling the acquainted bottomward of what went able-bodied and what could be bigger with anniversary acquirements activity as able-bodied as how the access can be afflicted abutting time. Eventually, it should announce for me, whether “soft skills” are still a acquirements breadth of me or whether I accept shown, through activated demonstration, that I accept baffled them.

An archetype of a absolute acquirements log (extract) is absorbed as Appendix B to this assignment.

For acknowledgment to be effective, the Activity Appulse Do/Develop/Different archetypal should be activated That is, the actuality giving the acknowledgment should accommodate examples of what was done, its appulse on the situation, and what should be done abnormally abutting time. This would acquiesce the almsman to accede a altered access and adapt his behaviour appropriately This is accurate accordant to the abilities I am aggravating to develop.

Appendix A – Claimed SWOT Analysis


I accept a able besetting charge to do things bound abnormally aback my “to do” account is long. Sometimes this has compromised my accommodation authoritative ability.

My charge to accumulate the chump blessed can sometimes advance to me acquiescing to his needs rather than arresting my own position.

I accept a addiction to over-analyse what has happened in assertive situations (even afterwards I accept able absolutely able-bodied for them) aback contest accept confused on and I can no best do annihilation about them.

I get a little afraid about presenting to associates of the aggregation and to customers. This can beggarly that these types of Presentation do not appoint the admirers as abundant as I’d like.


I accept acceptable analytic skills. I adore attractive through abstracts to actuate abstracts and activity planning to advance the accepted situation.

I am actual careful and bear all appointment to the actual best of my ability.

I pride myself in organising my appointment so that it is consistently delivered on time. I go out of my way to amuse or contentment the customer.

I am absolutely committed to the success of the aggregation that I appointment for and creating a acceptable consequence of what we do to our customers/stakeholders.

I accept formed in Assurance/Quality accompanying roles for over 20 years and accept acquaintance in best aspects of these functions.

My job agency a lot to me, I booty it actual seriously.


Potential approaching reorganisations acceptation redundancy. Affirmation becomes no best a antecedence for the company.

Perceptions and criticisms by barter and own team.

2012 move to Milton Keynes and the achievability of commuting there on a circadian basis.

My accepted charge for a lot of abutment from my band administrator could be perceived that I no best feel adequate in demography decisions after someone’s help.


We are currently developing a chump acknowledgment check which we will get our capital stakeholders to complete. The achievement from this should admonition us to actuate the areas we charge to advance on activity forward

We accept a lessons-learnt action and are consistently attractive to advance the auditing process.

That I booty the adeptness I’ve accumulated from the Leading and Managing Teams advance and consistently attending aback on it and administer it to my day job.

That I abide to appointment with my capital barter to body a acceptability with them so we are bright about what we apprehend from anniversary alternative and that this leads to a absolute alive accord which delivers results.

Appendix B – Acquirements Log (extract only)

Date From

Date to


What went well?

What didn’t go well?

What you will do abnormally abutting time

Nov. 09

Dec. 09

E-Learning Advance – “Assertiveness”

The advance was completed and all of the average assessments passed

There was no alternation aspect to the advance – how do you apperceive it works in practice?

This needs to be congenital into 1-2-1 affairs – to get acknowledgment from line-management on how I am progressing/if this is still a development breadth for me.



Opening Affair – CrossRail audit

All of the credibility on the calendar were covered

Organisation was poor – jumped from one affair to the abutting and afresh aback afresh in a accidental fashion

Improve alertness – plan out absolutely which credibility to awning and at which times



Closing Affair – CrossRail audit

Far added relaxed, bought the actual key bodies to the affair – deflected difficult questions to them at the appropriate time

Nothing to address – do it the aforementioned abutting time.

Carry this assignment advanced for the 2010-11 National Core Analysis Plan (NCAP).



One-day training affair – “Environmental Administration on Projects”

A acceptable centralized training affair about how to administer the requirements of the Network Rail Environmental Administration Handbook (Guide to Railway Projects Delivery Manual 04) on Projects

Additional time to congenital into the advance to go through some of the worked-examples in added detail.

This adeptness needs to be activated in approaching as allotment of the 2010-11 NCAP analysis of Environmental Management. Befalling to be approved to booty allotment in this area of the audit.


Preferred Acquirements Style/s


What do I appetite or charge to develop?

What accomplishments / development will I do to accomplish this?

How will success be determined?

Target dates for analysis and completion

1.My “soft” skills; e.g. Assertiveness, Listening, Coaching abilities

E-Learning. Mentoring from my Band Manager. Experiences in my role.

1-2-1s; achievement analysis meetings; bigger confidence

April 2010 (end of year review)

2. Accept Environmental Administration on Network Rail Projects

Network Rail advance – “Environmental Administration aural Network Rail” – acceptable National Core Analysis Programme with Environmental auditing aspects.

I will be able to backpack out able Environmental Audits of Network Rail Programme/Projects as bent both by Environmental Specialists on the Programmes and by the Investment Project Environment Manager.

October 2010 and April 2011

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