Managing the Contractor–Customer Relationship

  You are to transcribe a six to eight (6– 8) page tract that answers the thriveing: Discuss the divine issues that can prepare in contracting. Analyze and debate the strengths and weaknesses of the controvert arrangement using the concepts debateed in the extract. Describe the significance of the message arrangement in the contractor– customer correlativeness. Describe the risks and responsibilities in the contractor-customer correlativeness. The format of the description is to be as thrives: Be typed, envelop spaced, using Times New Roman font (bulk 12), after a while one-inch margins on all sides; citations and intimations must thrive APA or school-specific format. Check after a while your adherent for any added instructions. Include a shield page containing the style of the assignment, the student’s call, the adherent’s call, the mode style, and the age. The shield page and the intimation page are not middle in the required assignment page prolixity. Note: You procure be graded on the capacity of your answers, the logic/organization of the description, your accents skills, and your match skills.