Management and Acceptance Theory

PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES OF MANAGEMENT SUBJECT CODE –B-101 PART ONE Multiple Choice Questions after a conjuncture Single Response: Q1. A Plan is a offend laid to apprehend the ___________________ a. Future b. Past c. Plan d. Procedure Q2. It is the capacity of employing decent peculiar for the enterprise: a. Organizing b. Staffing c. Directing d. Controlling Q3. _________________ media “bunch of activities & employees into departments. ” a. Orientation b. Standardization c. Course d. Departmentation Q4. This system states that antecedent is the potentness that is confirmed by others: a. Acceptance system b. Competence system c. Formal antecedent system d. Informal antecedent system Q5. It media dispersal of judgment-making potentness to the inferior rolls of the construction: a. Decentralization b. Centralization c. Deispersion d. Delegation Q6. This chart is the basic muniment of the constructional composition: a. Functional chart b. Posts chart c. Master chart d. Departmental chart Q7. Communications which issue from superiors to subordinates after a conjuncture the aid of scalar security is unreserved as: a. Informal despatch b. Downward despatch c. Upward despatch d. Oral despatch Q8. Needs for belongingness, esteem, humor, humor, vigilance & gregarious response are: a. Physiological needs b. Safety needs c. Ego needs d. Gregarious needs Q9. A government capacity which ensures “jobs to be populated after a conjuncture the proper idiosyncratics, after a conjuncture the proper notice, aptitude & attitudes”: a. Staffing defined b. Job resolution c. Maneffectiveness planning d. Recruitment Q10. It is a course that enables a peculiar to manner out issues and arrive-at to a judgments forcible their life: a. Selection b. Raining c. Reward d. Counseling PART TWO Soon Notes Expression Questions: Q1. Differentiate between ‘Administration’ and ‘Management’. Q2. What were the contemptible drawbacks in pure and Neo pure theories of government? Q3. Write a soon sdress n ess on “Line Organization”. Q4. Write a soon sdress n ess on ‘Acceptance system’. Answer 2: Pure theories of government report to the foremost theories of government, that indeed led to confession of government as and stubborn order of performance and consider. These comprised the notions of pioneers love Fredrick W. Taylor, Frank Gilbreth. Max Weber, and Henry Fayol. These theories came into substance origin from delayed nineteenth period and were considered the kernel of government system dress encircling 1930's. Neo-pure theories of government familiar during 1920's and delayedr. These can be broadly divides in two bunchs - theories reportd to rational complexions of government, and vital government techniques. Each of the theories subordinate pure and neo-pure bunchs keep their own values and limitations. But when we after to the contemptible drawbacks of these theories, i can reflect of solitaryly one. All these theories tight on some scant complexion of government, and treated is as if it is the solitary or most weighty complexion of government. Also, as would be consistent to any developing order of government. Thus conjuncture idiosyncratics love Taylor tight too considerable on corporeal complexions of performance, idiosyncratics united after a conjuncture Hawthorne Studies, incorrectly believed that they keep discovered truths encircling shop-floor practices of performancemen dress then entirely ununreserved to others, and concluded that the key to government lies solitaryly in promoting mismisappropriate bunch action. Answer 3: Course construction is the most oldest and rudimentaryst manner of negotiative construction. According to this expression of construction, the antecedent issues from top to groundwork in a anxiety. The course of direct is carried out from top to groundwork. This is the conclude for employment this construction as scalar construction which media scalar security of direct is a part-among-among and package of this expression of negotiative construction. In this expression of construction, the course of direct issues on an equable foundation after a conjunctureout any gaps in despatch and co- graduation preliminary situate. Features of Course Construction 1. It is the rudimentaryst produce of construction. 2. Course of antecedent issues from top to groundwork. 3. Specialized and supportive services do not obtain?} situate in these constructions. 4. Unified repress by the course officers can be maintained past they can stubbornly obtain?} judgments in their areas and spheres. This bark of construction constantly aids in bringing teachableness in despatch and bringing inheritance to a anxiety. Merits of course Organization: 1. Simplest- It is the most rudimentary and oldest manner of government. 2. Unity of Command: In these constructions, superioir-subordiante correlativeness is maintained and scalar security of direct issues from top to groundwork. 3. Emend Discipline: The repress is unified and concentrates on one peculiar and accordingly, he can stubbornly constitute judgment of his own. Unified repress ensures emend order. 4. Flexibility: There is a co-graduation between the top most antecedent and groundwork course antecedent. 5. Active judgment: Due to the factors of agricultural commission and singleness of direct, the officials can obtain?} active judgment. Demerits of Course Organization: 1. Over reliance: The course executive’s judgments are implemented to the groundwork. This results in over-relying on the course officials. 2. Lack of specialization: A course construction issues from a scalar security from top to groundwork and there is no mark for specialized capacitys. 3. Inadequate despatch: The policies and strategies which are framed by the top antecedent are carried out in the selfselfselfsame way. This leaves no mark for despatch from the other end. The complaints and suggestions of inferior antecedent are not infectious end to the top antecedent. So there is one way despatchs. 4. Lack of co- graduation: Whatever judgments are obtain?}n by the course officials, in actual situations wickedness judgments, are carried down and implemented in the selfselfselfsame way. Therefore, the limit of potent co-graduation is near. 5. Antecedent example: The course officials keep proneness to perversion their antecedent positions. This leads to irresponsible example and appropriation in the anxiety. Answer4: The "response system" is a philosophy which argues that "antecedent does not await as considerable on 'persons of antecedent' who concede influence as on the promptitude of those who hold the influence to bear after a conjuncture them. This notion combines twain the transmitted admission to government of a "top- down" composition where subordinates are to bear after a conjuncture the judgments of government. Yet, it is to-boot surrounding a over late subordinatestanding of government, where this acquiescence is not depraved and effected after a conjunctureout some roll of questioning. If one were to buy the "response system" of government, then one to-boot has to confirm that subordinates do hold some roll of innate potentness that requires description, flexure, and unclouded restriction of society policies and initiatives. In the "response system" pattern of government, the society's superiors must keep a rapport after a conjuncture their subordinates so that this despatch is clear, for their subordinatestanding and promptitude to confirm judgments, bear after a conjuncture plan, and purpose government prospect is inherent. To confirm "response system," government must "accept" the forestate that their performanceers keep to be "accepted" as substances after a conjuncture their own purport of autonomy, insubservience, and concludeability, as irrelative to drones who gain depravedly thrive where the society leads.