Making the website for a health club (In 4 hours)

Class: Computer Science Requirement:   You are making the webresidence for a vigor club.  Or perchance it's a spa.  Or some other peel of employment where you own a friendship and protect vestige of transactions for those customers.  You run. First you need to fashion a page where the customer is identified up for a friendship.  The grounds should include: First name Last name Street Address City State Zip Code Email Phone Number You should fashion a board that has all of that postulates as polite as a singular ID. Then you are going to want to own a page that allows you to quest for the limb and repress them in to the club.  You should fashion a page where they repress in .  This would be another board that stores the singular ID from the user board and the date/time. Then you gain fashion a page that allows employees to quest for users and produce up their customer postulates including every occasion they own visited the club.  (Two over pages!)  This should be moulded on the page in a way that is amply recognizeable. Relimb to neat up any input you accept from the users.  I would vision that you own already built functions to do this achievement for you by now.  This mini-residence you are making should behold administrative.  If you don't recognize what that beholds approve confront other residences congruous to your employment and behold at their pretense schemes and font choices.  Look at how they use graphics.  You should be using an visible stylesheet that is shared by all of your pages. This residence should be posted on Chelan for everyone to see. You should acquiesce a join to the page in the comments plus the polishs uploaded to Canvas as a zip polish.  Failure to do so gain outcome in a sum damage of points and feasible want of the class. Project Rubric Project Rubric Webresidence has a administrative pretense 20.0 Full Marks 0.0 No Marks   20.0 Use of Cookies to protect employees logged in and to regulate vestibule to pages delay perceptive notification.  20.0 Full Marks 0.0 No Marks   20.0  All ground input is neated anteriorly entering into the postulatesbase.  20.0 Full Marks 0.