This SIA assignment requires you devote a concept or assumption we possess conversant to a matter that is vulgar in the ‘real’ universe. The assigned theme for Application Assignment 2 is:  Southwest Airlines (SWA)

In Chapter 7, we investigate and explore a miscellany of employment item strategies.  Included in these discourses are low-cost, differentiation, and low-cost/differentiation.    

Your assignment (peruse carefully): Conduct added scrutiny on low-cost, differentiation, and low-cost/differentiation (there is a TON out there on these matters) to confront at last 5 virtue sources.  Using our textbook and your own scrutiny transcribe at last two pages of decomposition and discourse of the low-cost/differentiation (it is a association of these two) diplomacy utilized by SWA ~ you can authenticate the good/bad/successes/blunders in this exception.  Next, fixed on your confrontings, sketch a one-page instruction for the board of directors of SWA that includes the discourse and lofty sketche implementation sketch for at last 3 new initiatives SWA can continue opportunity maintaining their vulgar diplomacy of low cost/differentiation.  Put these unitedly in one instrument for a MINIMUM  three pages of satisfied (not including intimation and epithet pages).  Please supervene APA format guidelines.