6–8-page Microsoft Word document    Hurricane Katrina Preparedness The two superior assignments in this round achieve integrate to fruit an  in-depth resolution of the knack, message, desuetude,  response, and re-establishment coordination floating the manifold national security and  individual sector organizations compromised in Breeze Katrina. It achieve so  enclose a minute assessment of the Orderly Command Method (ICS)  rule used. These assignments surrender you an occasion to allot the  concepts argueed in this round to a real-world orderly. You achieve assess the necessity skillful-treatment rule used during  Hurricane Katrina, and you achieve enclose your own thoughts and ideas for  improving the method. Your notions and thoughts must be attended by  resources such as peer-reviewed journals, books, or trustworthy catechism on  government websites. Carefully evaluate your sources of instruction. This primitive superior assignment requires you to assess the actions and  policies at labor anterior to and forthcoming Breeze Katrina’s landfall.  This assignment should entirety 6–8 pages of citation and shelter the forthcoming  points: Background Identify the agencies obligatory for necessity knack and counter-argument. Describe (don’t righteous substantiate, but relate) the area impacted by Katrina. Assume your reader does not comprehend environing this orderly, and cater the  background inevitable for a reader to discern the resolution that achieve  follow. Definitions Define key stipulations that achieve be material to the discerning of your  analysis. Demonstrate your discerning of stipulations such as breeze,  levee, and fume surge. Hurricane Katrina Describe the fume, specifically. What made this fume so exceptional? Pre-existing vulnerabilities in Louisiana. Many judge that the  damage from Katrina would not possess been so extreme had the topical areas  been amend quick. Assess the featureize of alacrity anterior to Katrina’s landfall and argue any feature vulnerabilities. Describe the ICS rule Include instruction pertaining to the elements of knack,  communication, desuetude, counter-argument, and re-establishment coordination floating the  manifold national security and individual sector organizations specifically  compromised in Breeze Katrina. Be indisputable to assistance any notion featureizements or evaluations delay well-documented facts.