ltec 3520 assignment 2

   Part 1 Pick two interrogation from the forthcoming catalogue to animate your two posting in bisect 1 o What is bandwidth in stipulations of telecommunications? o Why is the presumptive condition on the accelereprimand of a oral telephone modem in the vicinity of 28.8-56K? o What is the operative reprimand of a 1200operative modem, 2400bps modem, 56k bps modem? o What is the dissimilitude among operative and bit reprimand? o Why do cable modems, FIOS, or DSL not keep to resign delay the condition aggravatehead for telephone modems? o Why is bandwidth a motive in an informational contrast? Give examples. Part 2  o What is the Digital Divide and how is it tied to the interrogation aggravatehead on bandwidth? o If the Digital Divide exists, should educators be worried environing it? How does it impression your teach or adjustroom? o How abundant bandwidth to the Internet does your teach keep? What is it entity used for? Do you keep extra bandwidth? If so, what would you use the extra bandwidth to do in your adjust? o How does bandwidth impression the preoption for tools that could be used in a separation information program? Give examples. o Which has past bandwidth? A DVD (usurp it is 4.2G storage) mailed to a tyro or a tyro having mode to a 56Kbps dialup (usurp that it is 33Kbps throughput) for 20 hours? Provide your math explanation and expound how you figured it. Why ability you use one resources donation aggravate the other? Part 3  · Post to the forum the forthcoming information o How do geosync followers work o Provide details environing transmission times, bandwidth, accelerate, and other details you can find · From these postings on attendant communications and the materials granted in the size, be quick to rejoinder the forthcoming interrogation on the quiz o Calculate how covet in seconds a (liberal duplex) computer junction would follow to imitation tail from an mainframe in Honolulu (to Dallas) if the junction was § a) undersea cable vs. § b) geostationary attendant.