LP07 Assignment: Stand-alone Professional Presentation and Handout

The theme of your negotiative grant must be Employee Engagement. You achieve use the findings from your preceding lore on the theme. Before you divided your lore findings in a two-page essay. Now you achieve divide your lore findings in a negotiative grant. Your grant must understand the following: Heading Slide - this understands the heading of your grant, your spectry, and date. Agenda slide - this understands headings and slide mass. Headings - understand headings to mark what you are presenting on each slide. Slide #’s - add slide mass to each of your slides succeeding the Heading Slide. Transition slides - these should be placed among greater exceptions. Perversion and Visuals - use perversion and visual aids (e.g., images, graphics, etc.). In-Text Citations and Reference Page - name any sources on the idiosyncratic slides and then understand a Reference Slide at the end of your grant. Your grant must be a partiality of 12 slides, which understands your heading slide, agenda slide, transition slides, misentry slide, and references. Misentry Slide - this is your conclusive slide that summarizes the grant and provides counsel on next steps. Handout - in observation to your grant that you produce in Prezi or PowerPoint you to-boot want to produce an talented one-page handout in Microsoft Word. Handout must understand a exception for note-taking.