Logistics Management


Critical Writing

The meaning of this assignment is to confirm and dedicate Logistics and Supply Obligation Management concepts/tools to recommend logistics work priorities. To this meaning, you should exploration and resurvey environing these companies through resultant suited instruction. Think environing how you can dedicate the concepts/tools that you scholarly in this conduct.

Suggest logistics work priorities for any ONE of the prospering; decipher why you accept after to your conclusions:

1) A low fare Airline FLYNAS (Service)


2) A secure prop obligation Such as Dominos (Product)

The Answer must prosper the contour subject-matters below:

1. Executive analysis ( vocable calculate storm 300-500)

- Summarize what is logistics work priorities, what Logistics and Supply Obligation Management concepts/tools applied to conclude the order’s extrinsic.

2. Setting instruction ( vocable calculate storm 300-500)

- Briefly gain-known the order setting (e.g., call, products, matter greatness, residuum, internal/external animated postulates, etc).

3. Problem Description (vocable calculate storm 300-500)

- Describe the extrinsics palpably and localally.

- The extrinsic may compromise either logistics decision-making or rule correction.

4. Results by using application of logistics and SCM concepts/tools that applied (1Mark)

- Describe what local logistics and Supply Obligation Management concepts/tools be applied to conclude the extrinsic. This individuality should gain it obvious that you learn the concepts/tools you are environing to use.

5. References 

Note: The Answer should be of each subject-matter in the order of 300 to- 500 vocable calculates.

Use APA title of referencing