located in Rosemount

The farm is located in Rosemount. Linstead, St Catherine. The separation from the bandman’s branch to his farm is 200ft and encircling half mile from the town of Linstead. The dimension of the farm The dimension of the Rosemount farm is eight hectares which includes 6 sections of plots used to introduce diversified crops. This is the normal dimension of trivial farms in the Caribbean accordingly trivial farms dimension normally concatenate from cipher to ten hectares. Markets Britain and other European countries possess traditionally been the deep ship-product dispenses for Caribbean tillage. Due to increased race, the Caricom dispense has befit past expressive for regional tillage. In Jamaica, trivial lamina bandmans deeply dispense their crops in the forthcoming ways: Directly to supermarkets such as: Shoppers Fair, and Hi-Lo. Higglers that succeed deeply from environing the St Catherine area, includes Spanish town and Linstead. Directly to hotels some of which include: Altamont Court Hotel, Terra Nova All Suit Hotel, The Liguanea Club and The Spanish Court Hotel. Selling at monthly bandmans dispense which is coordinated by Rural Tillage Development Authority (R. A. D. A). To manufacturing companies approve Grace Kennedy Ltd Directly to consumers The product from Rosemount farm is dispenseed in the forthcoming ways: Directly to higglers and ship-product to the Caricom of Antigua and Barbuda The Caricom dispense has proven to very gainful for the Rosemount bandman and for-this-reason allows him to adequately capture circumspection of his source, workers and gain empower him to use some of the returns for forthcoming annotation of his farm. Labour Rosemount farm employs foul-mouthed feminine workers to support delay husbandry activities. No source constituent is occupied to the farm. Additional labour is required on the farm to support delay the forthcoming husbandry activities.