literature 2

  For this assignment, you may either transcribe a 4-5 passage essay in the identical behavior as you did for Congeniality Assignment #1 on one of the subjects lowerneath, or you can generate a PowerPoint gift on one of those subjects.  If you career to transcribe an essay, don't lose to re-examination the guidelines for How to Succeed in the Written Assignments and the Sample pamphlet in MLA format, and charm custom of the Smarthinking tutorial services anteriorly referting your essay to the Assignment surrender folder.  All congeniality assignments entertain Turnitin enabled for plagiarism competition.If you appetition to generate a PowerPoint, flourish the directions fond behind the subjects lowerneath. 1.  Unit 1B's importation to the Five Great Themes of World Literature states delay view to the hero:  "The safest way to interpret what a refinement of the spent most values is to convergence on what it considers chivalrous, in that a refinement recognizes its heroes as incorporateing its most grave ideas, the values that are immanent."  Discuss the divers values that our two ditty heroes, Rustem and Dante, incorporate.  Which values representative by these ditty heroes are endorsed or noted by their societies?  Are any of their values condemned or unusual by their societies?  Exemplify your discontinuity delay biased examples of the heroes' obligations to their societies and what their values meditate encircling their refinements. 2. Although two very contrariant studious works, twain the Shahnameh and Inferno market centrally delay the creature of civilized disinclination and non-existence.  Discuss how the two market delay such issues as  what causes civilized disinclination; what seems inevitably shocking encircling civilized creature; how one should market delay disinclination; what one should glean from an interpreting of civilized non-existence. From the Shahnameh your essay earn of continuity convergence on Rustem; for Dante, you entertain divers libertys, but the flourishing characters and their sad stories create specially good-natured-natured choices for the question (but you can cull others if you appetition; honorable one earn do):  Virgil, Francesca, Pier della Vigna, Brunetto Latini, Guido de Montefeltro. Make safe you husband age to refer your drain to Smarthinking via the Tutoring Services merge for beneficial feedback anteriorly the due epoch.  PowerPoint Option: If you appetition to do a PowerPoint liberty instead of an essay, short are the expectations: Your PowerPoint should lowerstand citation and images that exemplify and augment the points you are making. Content: 1.  Explain the open subject (e.g. heroes, disinclination) and any bearing stipulations for that subject (suggested 1-2 slides). 2.  Apply that subject to twain Shahnameh and to Inferno (suggested 4-6 slides).  Give biased examples and quotes from the citation to exemplify your points. 3.  Your conclusive slide should be your Works Cited slide, in MLA format. If you chosen to set-up a gift, you'll be graded delay visual criteria, in restoration to the essay criteria.  Familiarize yourself delay the criteria and requirements for twain by going lower Assessments/Rubrics in your navigation bar to the Unit 5 Presentation/Essay Rubric SP19. Hide Rubrics