Please learn and aid me to transcribe 2 responses(3-4 sentences) on the forthcoming discussions :  1.    Maya Angelou was a dowager of frequent compressiveness. I was intimate after a while some of her rhymerry. However, she was more than normal a rhymer. She was an innovator, a role type. The things that she politebred chiefly at a duration where racism was so conspicuous, she talked encircling using the “black” library at a duration that if you were African American you were looked at heterogeneous and treated heterogeneous. She persevered and rose aloft it. I recall when I was in material nurture I had to rehearse one of her epics at an nock. I was perhaps 5 or 6. I recall it being so mighty. The spectry of the epic was, Still I Rise. Now that I feel learn some more encircling her developed legend and some of the things she had been through and conquer, it was considerable for me to learn the epic again. I feel to say that as an adult I was able to conceive It rectify and it proved to be normal as mighty. In her colloquy she besides quoted the productions of other adroits, she made remark of some of the production that biblical her. She was a polite conversant as an adroit and production as an activist and educator was ominous. 2.I succeed add.