Literary Christology in South Korea (must read 10 short readings!!)

**PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU COMMENT** 1. You gotta discover 10 incomplete discoverings in prescribe to transcribe this essay. I've determined original 4 and I obtain cast the other half through messages. 2. Your solely fount is the discovering. Do not do research!!!! Bibliography not needed. 3. An overview (main points) of the discoverings are written in the information, so delight discover the overview. 4. You are required to transcribe FULL 6 PAGE. (1700+ words) 5. A good-natured-natured quantity of quotes is needed, and I obtain restrain the page mass strictly. I do not caution environing having a belief phraseology in my monograph gone it is not an English assort. All I caution is environing how well-behaved-behaved you prosper the information. I am very picky!! and obtain probably ask for the alteration multiple times if you dont prosper the information appropriately.