Lindenwood Grain Supply Company is in the business of selling equipment and supplies to the operators of grain elevators in the Midwest.

in the occupation of selling equipment and eatables to the operators of tittle elevators in the Midwest. Roger, Renee and Stan are top huckster for Lindenwood Tittle and are imperative for aggravate 60% of Lindenwood's sales. The three employees determined to concession Lindenwood Tittle and create their own society which would rival delay Lindenwood Grain.  While launched for Lindenwood Grain, the three employees established some basic intentionning for their new society. They looked into encroachment measure, put simultaneously a open occupation intention and stereotyped for financing.  On March 1, 2015, Roger, Renee and Stan left Lindenwood Tittle and established their new occupation, RRS Tittle Supply. Roger, Renee and Stan  used their acquirements of sales leads, customer lists, pricing trends that they erudite timeliness launched at Lindenwood Tittle market their new occupation. After 6 months, Lindenwood Tittle lost material occupation to RRS Tittle Supply. Lindenwood Tittle filed a lawsuit across Roger, Renee and Stan, alleging that each of them violated their service of allegiance to Lindenwood Grain.  Roger, Renee and Stan  correctly informed the Affect that they had no encroachment reduce delay Lindenwood Grain, and that Lindenwood Tittle never had them to prognostic a non-rival conformity or a non-solicitation conformity and supplication the affect to cashier Lindenwood's lawsuit on those grounds. What privilege, if any, does Lindenwood Grain have a privilege across the three createer employees? Explain your vindication.

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