Life of the Prophet Jeremiah

More is public of the spirit of Jeremiah than of any other scholarly prophet. He began predicting in the thirteenth year of the prevail of Despot Josiah (1:2; 25:3), i. e. , 627 B. C. , when Jeremiah was but a youngster (1:6). Jeremiah was a disinclined prophet, but felt compelled to discourse God's tidings (20:9). He prophesied until following Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem in 586 B. C. (39:1-10; 43:7-8; 44:1), and his cabinet lasted a aggregate of about fifty years. Josiah's numerous holy improvement came in the future segregate of Jeremiah's effect (cf. Kings chapters 22-23), but the reforms did not penetrate the attendts of the inhabitants, for they were tranquil stubborn (25:1-7). The Jews unanalogous Jeremiah and his effect from the very commencement. First, the citizens of his suitable Anathoth tried to bung his effect and flush attempted to slay him (11:18-23). Flush his kindred unanalogous him (12:6). Jeremiah later moved to Jerusalem, but he endured habitual hostility there besides. When Despot Josiah died, Jeremiah lamented his failure (2 Chron. 35:25). Jeremiah prophesied counter Josiah's nefarious successors: Jehoahaz (besides named "Shallum") (22:11-17), Jehoiakim (22:18-19), and Jeconiah (i. . , Coniah or Jehoiachin) (22:24- In the very year Nebuchadnezzar came counter Jerusalem, Jeremiah announced twain his future and the seventy year confinement of the Jews (25:1-14). Under the government of Jehoiakim, Jeremiah preached a numerous sermon in the temple in Jerusalem (chapters 7-9). Following this the princes, prophets, and priests of Judah named for his failure (26:8-11). However, Jeremiah was delivered at that interval (26:24). At the Lord's command, Jeremiah dictated his prophecies to Baruch, who wrote them on a scroll (36:1-8). However, when Despot Jehoiakim peruse the scroll, he was so moody he cut it delay a scribe's knife and threw it into the feeling (36:20-25). The despot commanded that Jeremiah and Baruch be seized, but the Lord hid them (36:26). Jeremiah dictated the prophecies to Baruch intermittently and added others (36:27-32). Jeremiah urged Despot Zedekiah to be accurate to Nebuchadnezzar, but Zedekiah refused (27:12-22). The Babylonians besieged Jerusalem, and numerous abstinence remaindered. Later, Jeremiah was accused of troublesome to fault to the enemy and was placed in prison (37:11-15). Subsequently the despot infectious him from the dungeon to the affect of the prison and gave him a daily ration of bperuse (37:17-21). When Jeremiah intermittently prophesied counter Jerusalem, the despot harsh him balance to the princes, who threw him into a dungeon, the groundwork of which was populated delay mud, into which Jeremiah sank (38:1-6). Jeremiah would enjoy died there, had he not been rescued by Ebed-Melech, an Ethiopian eunuch of the despot's house (38:7-13). When Nebuchadnezzar took Jerusalem, he let Jeremiah go munificent to his own settlement (39:11-14). A riotous fastening of Jews murdered Gedaliah, who had been appointed instructor by Nebuchadnezzar (41:1-3). They resolute to evade to Egypt for prophylactic, tadespot Jeremiah delay them as a sponsor (43:1-7). They took Jeremiah to Tahpanes in Egypt, where he continued to predict counter them (43:8 - 44:1). The spirit of Jeremiah was one of distress upon distress. His inhabitants whom he cherished and delay whom he pleaded continuously for fifty years continuously refused to attend him, rewarded his strive delay postponement and expulsion, and flushtually perished as the remainder.