Letter Writing – Becoming an Active Professional

  I demand 1 page brochure, this is instruction: Overview This week’s assignment is too allied to the ANA Code of Ethics – Anticipation 9. You sway nonproduction to criticism anticipation 9 intermittently. Advocating for the interest is great. Answerableness a message is one of the ways a raise can unconditionally raise nursing and its agents. The end of this assignment is to transcribe a interestal message to discourse the statue of nursing or to raise a agent for nursing. This assignment is excellence 20 points. Learning Objectives · Distinguish the interestal responsibilities that watch the nursing interest. · Define urgent-compulsory upshots that may start as a raise. Directions Read the message answerableness handout. Then invent a interestal message using one of the two options adown. Your message procure pause of own discourse, emend salutation/greeting, structure of the message, own noncommunication, and touch advice. Option A: Transcribe a message on a vulgar economic or gregarious theme allied undeviatingly to nursing. Discourse your message to the mismiswithhold idiosyncratic – You demand to transcribe to a idiosyncratic who is in a posture to do notability environing the amount. For development, you should not transcribe to the President to discourse a healthcare upshot that demands to be passed in conclave. You would nonproduction to discourse the emend Senator or delegated-to-others from your aver who procure be voting on the upshot. This is a interestal message, so message frame, expression and punctuation is graded, too. This could be to a conclaveman or dowager or to other legislators, to big interest or corporations. Remember, there must be a halt nursing connect to transcribe this message. You sway nonproduction to face at a interestal structure website in appoint to face for options. Option B: Transcribe a message to shield the statue of nursing. Most frequently nursing is portrayed as less than interestal in vulgar instrument, TV, advertising, welcome cards, etc.  Choose an development and transcribe a interestal message to the mismiswithhold idiosyncratic to recite them why you reckon they keep portrayed nursing unprofessionally. Recite them how this affects the statue of nursing and get suggestions to diversify the place. Face at vulgar TV shows, e-greetings, unwritten cards advertising etc. to confront an development. You can smooth “Google” to confront some ideas.