Lesson Plan – Pop Art

LESSON PLAN for 8F: Pop Art – Roy Lichtenstein P4&5| CLASS: 8F| DATE: 07/06/12| LEARNING OBJECTIVE/S: * To invent a evention of pop art in the mode of Roy Lichtenstein. * To be effectual to interpret what pop art is and foreclofirm advice environing Roy Lichtenstein. * To be effectual to reach explicit comments on your own and others labor to boost reliance and headstrong-esteem. EXTENSION TASK: Initiate to invent your own evention of Pop Art representing celebrity you relish or a special you idolise. Success Criteria: * Students obtain be effectual to profession a basic seek at pliant a evention of labor after a while some identity to the foremost (Level 4) * Students obtain be effectual to profession a acceptcogent seek at the business after a while good-natured-natured identity to the foremost and delaysecurity cherished of colour and technique (Level 5) * Students obtain profession a forcible seek at the business after a while forcible identity and technique. A specialal artisanle may be applied to the end issue to rectify it’s relishlihood. Level 6)| RESOURCES REQUIRED * PowerPoint on Roy Lichtenstein and his Pop Art (True or falsity rally for starter) * White consultations, pens, consultation rubbers * Working SmartBoard and alien * 3 sets of colour images of Roy Lichtenstein’s labor for allusion * Pre-outlined images on cartridge monograph plus photocopies for other scholars. * Plain cartridge monograph * Pencils, felt tips, rubbers, scissors (+2 left artisaned pairs for AB and JC) * Coloured monograph| LESSON OUTLINE:| Structure| Groupings| Activities| Starter(10 - 15 mins)Introduction(5 mins)Main(foremost separate)2nd separateBreak(2 determination instruction)1st separate(5 mins)MainPlenary (20 mins at end of instruction)| Well ClassWhole ClassIndividual laborWhole ClassWhole systematizeIndividual laboringWhole systematize| True or falsity event rally on Roy Lichtenstein and Pop Art. Ask scholars to transcribe their counterpart on their whiteconsultation and security up in the air when prompted to collate after a while each other. Ask scholars to foreclofirm a event for a desert. When starter perfectd ask LSA to assemble equipment to desert madness during interpretation of deep business. Put pictures of Roy Lichtenstein’s labor up on the consultation and ask scholars to judge me what is contrariant environing these eventions (tight of dots and lines). What do they relish environing them? What don’t they relish? Examine as a assemblage. Profession scholars pattern evention (created by me) to profession what their end issue may observe relish. Teach equipment used and techniques, varying ways to way and variants in colour. Assign end to labor on Andy Warhol and how the use of colour is impercipient in the overall issue. Offer outlines to scholars but examine how to way completing business from skim to-boot. Remind scholars to assign to colour copies for impulse Counterpart any questions, initiate business. Publish the extent, ask LSA to do this to-boot so that any questions can be counterparted. Nucleus on SB and AB to fix they are touch impudent and are sensible of what they want to do. Monitor wayes and interpreting by permiting scholars to examine ideas. Line all scholars up and permit era for lively toilet split Ask scholars if they accept any questions touching the business and remind them to ask if they want anything. Continue to publish, spending extra era after a while SB and AB to fix nucleus. Check on BE, CA and SS to reach firm they are cherishing nucleussed on the business. If any scholars are close well, teach production business. Bring nucleus end to face of the systematize by scrutiny scholars to conclude up in twos and assign their art labor on the consultation in an representation for reviewing. Uninterruptedly all eventions up, ask the systematize to plod encircling and determine one object they relish environing someone else’s labor on the consultation. Uninterruptedly seated, ask each scholar to divide their courtesy after a while the security of the systematize. Ask scholars if they can foreclofirm a event from our antecedent PowerPoint and expressioninate by scrutiny for a thumbs up/middle/down way to the business they perfectd today. | ASSESSMENT/DIFFERENTIATION:Where does diff. befall? What erudition, and whom, obtain be assessed? Differentiation obtain engage assign in a enumerate of ways throughout the instruction: * Professor and TA interaction after a while pupils – helping those who are reply the labor perplexing, scrutiny production questions to over effectual pupils. * Professor to engage in to statement some inextensive expression remembrance issues after a whilein the assemblage and permit era to foreclofirm events after a while hints where wanted. Pre-drawn outlines for all scholars to admission if they reach uneffectual to perfect a evention from skim which diverse members obtain. Impost obtain engage assign informally after a while the professor noting how well-mannered-mannered the scholars can perfect the business, and over formally through equal and headstrong impost. | Strategies to fix operative erudition engages assign: * Fix all scholars are sensible of and interpret the business in artisan by scrutiny the systematize on a well and then ploding encircling the extent (LSA to-boot) uninterruptedly the business is set to counterpart any questions one on one. Reach firm scholars accept punish equipment availeffectual for the business. * Assign end to the events knowing at the initiatening of the instruction by subsidy deserts as compensate for intellect of events. * Permit era at the end of the instruction to see how scholars felt overall environing the business. * Tackle any behavioural issues if they befall after a whileout alienation to the security of the systematize. * Examine the new technique after a while scholars and how they are reply it. |