Lesson Plan Implementing Educational Software and High-Leverage Practices

 For this assignment, you are to invent a one-day warning contrivance that incorporates at smallest one educational software and at smallest one high-leverage manner. If more are requipredicament to improve the tendency of this one-day contrivance, you may add. Conceal in liking that this one-day warning contrivance get behove disunite of the upcoming Lesson Contrivance Presentation (weekly set of warning contrivances for a individual). Thus, conceal that in liking when selecting the rule and biased objectives for your surrender as polite as the implementation of educational software and high-leverage manners.

The Weekly Warning Contrivance RubricPreconsideration the instrument get be applied in evaluating the overall Lesson Contrivance Presentation so be indisputable to use those evaluation measures when ry in creating this one-day warning contrivance, sharp that this one-day warning contrivance get be disunite of your overall surrender  of the Lesson Contrivance Presentation. More counsel about the Lesson Contrivance Presentation get be divided quickly.

You may use any warning contrivance format to bestow your counsel as you either bear used fixed formats in other disequalize courses or bear one that you use at your vulgar locate of avocation. Some of you may resign warning contrivances through a district-wide software; still, I get insufficiency a instrument (i.e., Word, PDF) uploaded and resignted for this assignment. Nevertheless, if you are unindisputable of your warning contrivance format, reach loose to divide your ideas delay me so we can indicate if your exquipredicament is best serviceable for you.

Overall, you may meditate this assignment as a rough draft to the Lesson Contrivance Presentation so I may reconsideration and acceleration you repair your contrivances suitably to invent an wary weekly warning contrivance set. Yet, do captivate this assignment seriously as I wait-for top-notch surrenders.


High-Leverage Practices in EducationPreconsideration the instrument

High-Leverage Practices and Evidence-Based Practices: A Promising PairPreconsideration the instrument

MS College and Career Readiness Standards  (Links to an superficial predicament.)(seem subordinate Subject Areas, ground fair of page, for your gratified area, if insufficiencyed)

Florida Center of Instructional Technology Matrix (Links to an superficial predicament.)

Arizona K-12 Center and their implementation of the FCIT Matrix (Links to an superficial predicament.)