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Legal and Immaterial Scenarios  Select two of the scenarios supposing subordinate. Analyze the postulates in the scenarios and enlarge mismisappropriate arguments and recommendations using instance law and literary sources. Do not observation the instance studies into the pamphlet. Cite your sources in APA format on a different page. Submit the pamphlet to the Submissions Area by the due term assigned.  Scenario 1—Bankruptcy  Katrina, a imperil supervisor for Declare Farm Insurance, filed a craving in failure subordinate Chapter 7, seeking to empty $55,000 in credit-card scores and $35,000 in learner loans.  Katrina’s mate died and left her behind a while two upshot, Paula, who fertile academy, and Dean, who was fifteen years old.  According to Katrina, Dean was an "elite" runner who familiar ten to fifteen hours a week and placed earliest or second at past than forty competitive events. Dean was settlementschooled behind a while academic achievements that were middle for his grade equalize.  Katrina’s craving showed monthly pay of $5,400 and payments of $5,100.  The payments interjacent annual settlementschool costs of $6,200 and annual general payments of $7,500.  The payments did not conceive academy costs for Paula, or airfare for her upcoming summer bound to Italy, and other items.  The trustee undisputed monthly payments of $4,400, behind a while button allocated for general payment  and asked the affect to abandon the craving. •If Katrina suitable for Chapter 7, which scores would be emptyd?  Which scores would not be emptyd?  Why? •Using the median pay from your declare, does Katrina limit for Chapter 7?  Remember to compute the enumerate of crowd in the affable. •Should the affect yield the trustee’s ask?  Does Katrina bear other options if the Chapter 7 craving is abandoned? •Explain your answers and living them behind a while bearing literary sources.  

Scenario II - Prophylactic   Juanita owns a settlement in Birmingham, Alabama.  Her olden grandmother lives in the branch so Juanita can succor accept thrift of her.  Juanita decides to dissipation a vitality prophylactic system from Alldeclare to shelter the branch and a duration prophylactic system from Liberty Mutual to shelter funeral and other payments that gain be incurred when her grandmother dies.   Six months forthcoming, Juanita sells the branch to Ben.  Juanita and her grandmother affect into a rental settlement.  One month antecedent to the stolidity of the vitality prophylactic, Juanita’s old branch burns to the premise.  Shortly behind, her grandmother dies.  The prophylactic companies declare that they are not clogged owing Juanita did not bear an insurable attention in the settlement or her grandmother.  The premiums were returned to Juanita. •Discuss the claims for all parties (Juanita, Alldeclare and Liberty).   Scenario III— Failure  Locate one of the forthcoming literary declaration environing failure in the SUO Online Library.  Summarize the condition in your own signification.  Identify and sift-canvass the most material side of the condition, as courteous as any immaterial issues.      Adkisson, R. V., & Saucedo, E. (2012). Emulation and declare-by-declare variations in failure rates. The Journal of Socio-Economics, 41(4), 400. doi:10.1016/j.socec.2012.04.008   Boettcher, J., Cavanagh, G., & Xu, M. (2014). Immaterial Issues that prepare in Bankruptcy. Business & Society Review (00453609), 119(4), 473-496. doi:10.1111/basr.12042   Crack, T. F., & Roberts, H. (2015). Credit cards, redundancy score, and the term esteem of money: The similitude of the score banana. Journal of Financial Education, 41(1), 117-137.  Grote, K. R., & Matheson, V. A. (2014). The Impact of Declare Lotteries and Casinos on Declare Failure Filings. Growth & Change, 45(1), 121-135. doi:10.1111/grow.12030   Joseph, M. B. (2016). Consumer pro se failure: Finding prospect in prospectlessness. American Failure Institute Journal, 35(5), 32-33.  Labatt, J., Forrest, M., & Swartz, R. (2016). Discharging learner loans in failure: Good good-fortune behind a while that.     Proceedings of the Allied Academies International Conference. International Academy for Instance Studies, 23(1) 8-11.  McQuade, A. (2016). The melancholy to zombie resumptions: How failure affects should address the zombie resumption crisis. Emory Failure Developments Journal, 32(2), 507-535.  Pardo, R. I. (2016). Taking failure hues seriously.  Washington Law Review, 91(3), 1115-1191.  Ramsey, S., Blough, D., Kirchhoff, A., Kreizenbeck, K., Fedorenko, C., Snell, K., . . . Overstreet, K. (2013). Washington declare cancer patients set to be at main imperil for failure than crowd behind a whileout A cancer personality. Health Affairs, 32(6), 1143-52.  Sousa, M. D. (2013). Failure stigma: A socio-legal con-over. The American Failure Law Journal, 87(4), 435-482.   Wikel, D., & Lane, E. (2012). Moral and immaterial considerations for turnaround professionals. American Failure Institute Journal, 31(7), 36-37,88-89.