Learning Framework Act 4

 Choose ONE of the subjoined options to finished and submit: Option 1 - "Writing is one of the most relevant aspects of balbutiation."  Your quotationbook identifies and depicts diverse recollection strategies.  Select one policy that you already use and one you would love to try.  Identify and depict these strategies and how you do/potentiality localize them.  If you feel not used any of these strategies then select two strategies that you would love to try; depict them and how you potentiality localize them.  Finished the "Try It!" 5 "Determine Your Recollection Style" (Chapter 6). Submit your answers to the four questions subjoined the questionnaire. Option 2 - Review table 7.2 "Sample Citations for Different Types of Sources" (Chapter 7) noting how to quote according to APA name.  Define plagiarism. Identify two types of plagiarism.  What are a couple of feasible consequences for plagiarism?  Depict two ways to eschew plagiarism.  What are two reasons citations are compulsory when quoting and paraphrasing? Option 3 - Your quotation mentions multifarious strategies to infer your audience's observation at the inception of expressive publicly. Identify five of these tips and depict two that you potentiality use in preparing your proximate traditional exhibition.  What do you observe as your highest force and your highest languor in giving an traditional exhibition? What potentiality you do to rectify?