Leadership skills | Human Resource Management homework help



1 In inequitableation to basic managerial functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and potent, directors are ascribed:
Procedural and superficial roles
Procedural and inner roles
Strategic and inner roles
Strategic and superficial roles


2 Leaders in exalted command separation cultures would be most characterized by:
Expecting feedback from employees
Relying on correct structures to conclude tasks
Seeking repute for the structure
Focusing on team efforts


3 The feature advance to commencement suggests that:
Leaders accept appropriate ascititious qualities
Leadership features are distinctly visible
Traits are inveterate on political class
Traits cannot be measured


4 The interactionist conception of special differences suggests:
The environment determines who we are
Genes are the most influential ingredient in making mob who they are
Heredity and the environment twain govern special differences
Culture is one of the key ingredient in determining how mob behavior


5 All managers accept advance to which fount of special command?


6 Tail obtain merely prosper a charismatic director if:
They value modify is needed
They are motivated
They accept lucid rewards solicitude for them
They are confident

7 As structures accrue and confirmed, the director's govern is frequently replaced with:
They govern of teams
The command of intermediate management
The influence of a hearty culture
Individual firmness making


8 Which of the prospering cultural values can seek employee partnership in firmness making?
Tolerance for ambiguity
Time orientation


9 ____________is modify that is the conclusion of inequitable and sensible actions by directors or prosperers to modify the structure

10 ______________focuses on order and education participants the skills to effectively guide the day-to-day activities of the special's role in the structure.
Executive development
Leader development
Leadership development
Supervisory and managerial development