Leadership Research Assignment

 The design of this assignment is to synthesize and apportion the enlightenment you gained in dispose into a well-written scrutiny disquisition. For this assignment, you procure influence scrutiny and transcribe a disquisition containing the two elements:

Part I: Choose one of the listed subjects

  • Implementing vary on a nursing ace (Student must conglutinate an in and a vary doctrine)
  • Leadership traits for successfully managing in the clinical arena.
  • Quality correction in the nursing ace or guile
  • Mentorship in nursing
  • Preceptor programs for nursing directors
  • Solving ill-manners in the fruit assign, How can a nourish director succor? (fight decomposition)
  • Legal Issues amid the nursing ace
  • Promotion of ghostly behaviors amid the nursing ace (novice must cause a scheme and implementation conduct)
  • Nursing Ace Strategic Planning
  • Compare and opposition the subjoined new roles for the changing bloom circumspection arena:
    • Nurse Navigators, Clinical Nourish Leaders, and Leaders in Patient-Centered Care

Part II: Evaluate how the subject applies to 2 of the subjoined guile competencies.

  • Integrate concepts cognate to start into the functional nursing role.
  • Analyze the philosophy, goals, and structureal erection of a bloomcircumspection guile in homogeneity to the exhibition of condition bloomcare.
  • Compare separated theories of start, conduct, and structures in aspect to bloomcircumspection agencies.
  • Identify how collaborative start names capacity be utilized in diversified fraternity agencies to repair the role of the nourish director.
  • Examine vary doctrine, vary conduct, fight decomposition, and strategies to exalt alteration.
  • Explain principles of normal condition correction (CQI) and the rule of condition schemening, correction, and restrain.
  • Discuss the conduct rule and its impression on the exhibition of optimal bloomcare.
  • Analyze how accountability, panegyric, and collaboration increase the conduct of circumspection.
  • Describe the import of teamfruit in regard to the bloom circumspection team
  • Identify the promotive components of a office scheme
  • Analyze diversified structure erection/conduct theories as they rehearse to nursing practice

In observation to the assignment specifics aloft, your disquisition should:

  • Be 3-4 pages, not including the name and intimation pages.
  • Source(s) should be integrated into the paragraphs. Use in-text citations pointing to exemplification in the learning that supports your ideas.
  • Incorporate a stint of two (2) peer-reviewed sources into your disquisition.
  • Use floating APA format to name your disquisition and to adduce your sources.
  • Include a name page and a intimation page listing the sources you used. Be abiding to scheme ample duration for proofreading and editing.

Attached are pictures of the rubric to ensue. Thank you!