Leadership Profile

  Look and assign at the Template attached    Write a form of a guide you apprehend. Preferably, this is someone in superintendence wclose you achievement - or wclose you uninterruptedly achievemented. If you don't apprehend such a guide, transcribe encircling some other guide you apprehend who leads an construction such as a discipline, habitation, labor club, Girl or Boy Scouts, or persomal National Guard. Your form should apprehend the following: Introductory style of the guide. Show an pattern of the guide in exercise. Analyze your guide in provisions of one of the theories discussed in your textbook. Click close to conception an pattern chart starter that you could thorough. Take notes on the multiform guideship traits and then choice one or two to expand in your form. Based on your chart and other notes, complete communication the form established on your observations and dissection of your guide. Your submitted assignment should be 1-3 pages. Be positive to use own spelling, punctuation, and phraseology and quote your sources per APA.  Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word muniment.