Leadership paper | Human Resource Management homework help

**Must own Start 7th edition by Northouse**

Do you own what it takes to be a head? At one season, the favorite creed was that headship skills could not be learned; instead, undeniable mob were born delay the traits compulsory to direct. This Trait Theory was the plea for the "Great Man" Theory—singly a numerous man could be a head. As you interpret in your Learning Resources this week, the numerous man philosophy has been challenged a numerous negotiate in late seasons, but sundry stationary respect that there are undeniable traits vulgar to the best heads. Most mob own all of these distinctions, but the measurement of each distinction varies delay each identical special.

To equip for this Assignment, go to the "Leadership Trait Questionnaire" (LTQ) in your continuity passage. The LTQ is intentional to be smitten by you and by five mob everyday delay you. For this Assignment, you do not scarcity to ask other mob to accomplished the questionnaire. Instead, accomplished it yourself and use singly the scores from your own questionnaire. Be as conscientious and extrinsic as you can. Keep your scores for separation in the Final Research Paper.

Write a 1- to 2-page paper describing your experiment delay the LTQ. Explain how your questionnaire responses denote your specialal headship philosophy. Describe any questionnaire results that may own surprised you. Apply the distinctions of the Trait Approach to your specialal headship phraseology. Explain how traits you may own been born delay command acceleration you be an potent head.