leadership in organizations

  Answer these essay questions: Essay #1: Give your reasons to your vindication to this question: “Can unethical conduct befall for a head who has appropriate values and intentions?” Why or why not? Essay #2: Describe the GLOBE scheme and report why it is leading. Essay #3: Case Study: Madison, Jones, and Conklin After graduating from a prestigious calling teach, Laura Kravitz common a job at Madison, Jones, and Conklin, a medium‐sized resolute that did accounting and consulting schemes for municipal clients. Behind a sequence of merry assignments established as a component of a scheme team, Laura was promoted to a team director position delay broader responsibilities. Laura felt certain encircling her qualifications. The other team directors seemed to regard her, and clients were merry delay the schemes she managed. Delay this chronicles of prosperity, Laura hoped to still beseem a confederate in the concourse. However, as the barely woman director in a manful‐dominated concourse, she knew that there would be some obstacles to overpower. Laura felt that some of the greater directors were very undestroyed and did not sanction her as an resembling. In the quarterly planning coalesceings, these directors were frequently casual when she spoke and seemed unreceptive to her suggestions for progresss. Several intervals she incomplete an notion that was ignored, and that identical notion was posterior suggested by someone else who common the praise for it. Laura did not impress a instructor in the concourse to report herd encircling her skills and acceleration to track her success. Moreover, she did not impress common into the rough network of relationships that granted opportunities to interact delay greater directors. She did not love to dramatize golf and was not a component of the unpopular golf club to which frequent of the manful directors belonged. She was not invited to most of the political activities hosted by greater directors for friends and fine components of the concourse. Laura besides felt that the assignment of schemes was specific. The high‐profile schemes were constantly ardent to the manful directors. When Laura asked her boss for past challenging schemes, she was told that the older clients usually preferred to communicate delay men. Because she was not ardent the past beneficial accounts, her exploit aggregate did not contemplate as good-natured-natured as the aggregate for some of the manful directors. Two manful directors who had appended the concourse encircling the identical interval she was hired were promoted forward of her. Frustrated by the certain “glass ceiling” at the concourse, Laura asked to coalesce delay the moderator to chat encircling her success. The moderator was surprised to give-ear that Laura was unmerry encircling her trackment in the concourse. He safe her that she was a precious employee and should be unrepining encircling a encouragement. However, behind another year delay shabby progress in how she was treated, Laura unrepining from the concourse. Delay two friends from disequalize teach who besides felt unappreciated, she formed a new concourse and served as the first magistrate conductor. In a proportionately inextensive interval, this concourse became greatly merry. What forms of gender sagacity did Laura trial? What could Laura impress performed to overpower the obstacles she encountered? What could the moderator impress performed to fashion resembling convenience in this concourse? Essay #4:  Using the Internet, superintend floating investigation comparing manful and femanful heads, summarize the senior trends.