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Scenario: You are the CEO of MegaGlobe Interest Solutions, a financial consulting strengthening based in Chicago that has harmonious of-late opened new offices in São Paulo, Brazil, and Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. As sunder of this transition, your employees earn now be afloat collaboratively after a while employees at these locations to get financial consulting services in these new markets. To assistance after a while the transition, you earn educe an interior commencement blog for your employees that addresses the implications of adventitious after a whilein a culturally-various and changing global interest environment. This blog should standpoint on the demand to assuredly work to a miscellany of commencement styles and peculiar differences after a whilein these humanizations. Watch the videos listed in this week's classroom materials for ideas on how to effectively carry, motivate, and attach after a while your employees touching the demand to work after a whilein this changing interest environment. Write a 850 to 950 signal interior commencement community blog. The template rooted after a while this assignment is for use in drafting your blog draft. Include the forthcoming in the terminal cheerful blog that earn be uploaded for grading: Explain the implications of adventitious after a whilein a changing global interest environment. Describe the Team Commencement Model and how this relates to your prevalent interest practices. Outline assured aspects of gender, multiformity, humanization, and teamwork that can ameliorate overall interest execution. Apply principles of motivational commencement after a whilein a miscellany of various humanizations. Use at lowest one copy, photo, chart, or graph to consign a key concept after a whilein your blog. Include a narrowness of three citations from the passage and the video in the Week Five University Library Readings titled "Value of Differences: Multiformity and Democracy" to assistance points in the blog. Citations should not exceed 40 signals in prolixity. Format your assignment agreeing after a while APA guidelines