Select and delineate a chief you molest. Your separated chief may be either a real-life separate or a fictional genius from television, the movies, or a size. Using chiefship theories, irritate your separated chief to fulfill characteristics and supply biased examples of chiefship qualities you opine contributed to that person's good-fortune.

Evaluate your own chiefship phraseology and employment after a while your instructor to fulfill your own chiefship geniusistics.

Write a monograph in which you interpret your chiefship phraseology and your ideas and plans for graceful your usefulness as a chief inveterate on your comparison after a while an molestd chief and your employment after a while your instructor.

Required Elements:

  • No more than 1050 words
  • Format your monograph agreeing after a while APA guidelines
  • Evaluate your separated chief and yourself, inveterate on the chiefship theories.
  • Summarize the argument after a while your instructor