Last homework assignment

 APA format  3-5 pages in length HAS TO BE SUBMITTED IN THE FORMAT IN THIS POST THIS IS HOW PROFESSOR WANTS IT Select three healthcare religions results . --You MUST either highlight, underline,etc. each subject-matter. Then, examine under. --- In analysis, at lowest one of the three choices MUST be analyzed via the religions determination making process.   Pretty sincere. If the process is not abundantly identifiable for at lowest one subject-matter there obtain be a 30-50 apex conclusion. A pungent special would actually model, "Ethical Determination Making Process for __________" and put info under.  --- Avoid copy/paste. Paraphrase.  Ethical Determination Making Process  Steps Clearly determine the result Determine the grounds of the situation Determine the stakeholders and the obligations and  interests of each Determine what options are serviceable and evaluate  them   Decide what should be done Justify the determination Implement the determination Evaluate the effect of the determination Examine how to intercept the result from recurring