LASA 2 PowerPoint Presentation Slides



LASA 2 PowerPoint Introduction Slides Required

Assignment Overview:

For this assignment, appropriate that you feel been asked to give a PowerPoint giveation at your persomal commonwealth discollocation environing the topics of universe scarcity and counsel. You feel firm to use Peter Singer’s time as the starting purpose of your giveation. As you manoeuvre your giveation you allure scarcity to:

  • Present the essential claims of Singer.
  • Present your own initiatory reasoning offering diligent solutions to real-universe problems.
  • Back up your reasoning delay delayout lore.


Here is the cohere to the time by Singer: "America's Shame" from The Chronicle of Higher Education. 55(27), B6–B10. (EBSCO AN 37137370).

Assignment Details:

  • Develop a 12–15-slide giveation in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Include two added slides—one for the distinction and the other for a References page.
  • Bullet purposes are pleasurable, but use thorough sentences throughout the giveation.

Be secure to apprehend the following:

  • Describe the portions of Singer’s time you attempt to engage/critique.
  • Clearly narrate your own reasoning/Nursing essay in response.
    • Remember, the species of the sample is not essential; you can combine or discombine delay any purpose Singer makes in the time. The essential romance is for you to erect a sample that distinctly engages Singer’s collocation. Apprehend appropriately cited examples from the time.
    • As you remove your own Nursing essay, be secure to apprehend your collocation on how to oration the problems that Singer discusses in his time. Again, you may combine or discombine delay Singer; ultimately, be secure to prproffer your own solutions to the outcome of universe scarcity, as discussed by Singer.
  • Support your reasoning delay the use of initiatory lore.
    • Use at meanest three probable, academic media to patronage your collocations.
    • These should be sources other than Singer's "America's Shame" time.
  • Apply APA standards to passage of sources.
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