LAB 6 Exploring Independence and Probabilities

     1. Use   the gender and smoke100 pivot board (uselessness board) and inaugurate the ordeal   for anarchy. Are gender and having smoked at meanest 100 cigarettes   independent? This ordeal requires all expected values to be at meanest 1, are   there any cells in the presumptive board that are naught? Are all the   presumptive values at meanest 5? If so you can bring-environing a declaration environing the   proportions as your authors do delay the gender and furtherance pattern at the   end of Chapter 1. Repartee these questions using sentences and comprise a   declaration environing the conclusion to castaway or not castaway the ineffectual fancy of   independence.   2. Use   the gender and smoke100 pivot board (uselessness board) and constitute a tree   diagram using gender as the important offspring. Click into each section and invade   brief titles and values, belong to patterns in body. Tip: This template uses   the Word SmartArt Graphic, Horizontal Hierarchy beneath the Insert menu.   3. What   other variables could be reviewed for anarchy in this mode, the 2 rows   and 2 columns subject? Inaugurate one such anatomy, propound the ineffectual and halt   hypotheses and comprise the Excel tab copied from the template granted. Propound   the conclusion and transcribe the declaration of what this conclusion means: if you   castaway or do not castaway and then what this says environing the two variables.   Several sentences are expected for this repartee parallel delay the completed Excel   sheet.