LAB 2 Toolwire LiveLabs environment…..Full points needed

Week 3 Lab 2 Submission


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Lab Assignments
Worth 35 points apiece
Each lab obtain be acquiesceted domiciled on the subjoined: 
  1. Log into the Toolwire LiveLabs environment.
  2. Complete the weekly labs feeling beneath using Toolwire LiveLabs.
  3. Provide deliverables in the constitute of documents, smooths, and / or fenceshots for the steps clear in each lab assignment. Some labs exact the use of Microsoft Word or OpenOffice for preparing and acquiesceting deliverables.
  4. Answer the Lab Assessment questions for each of the personal labs completed in each week’s Lab Assignment. Lab Assessment questions are located hereNote: This is an academic communication assignment. Correct punctuation, language, and spelling are requisite. Points obtain be deducted for meagre communication. 

Toolwire LiveLabs Lab Submission Breakdown





Toolwire Lab #: Title

Deliverables for Submission



Lab 2 : Perconstitute a Vulnerability Assessment 

1.Lab Report smooth including fence captures of the subjoined step(s): Part 1, Steps 8, 13, and 17, and a style of your lab findings and recommendations

2.The Zenmap contemplates infectious to your persomal computer in Part 3, Step 11

3.The OpenVAS contemplate infectious to your persomal computer in Part 3, Step 11

4.Lab Assessments smooth

5.Optional: Challenge Questions smooth, if assigned by your instructor

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Grading Rubric:

Points: 35

Lab Assignments




Below 60% F

Meets Minimum Expectations

60-69% D



70-79% C



80-89% B



90-100% A

1. Complete the lab assignment.

Weight: 100%

Did not acquiesce or partially completed the lab assignment.

Insufficiently completed the lab assignment.

Partially completed the lab assignment.

Satisfactorily completed the lab assignment.

Thoroughly completed the lab assignment.