keew 3


Using the role-specific competencies for the specialization trace you are enrolled in, delight full the Compatability Self-Assessment consultation granted for that specialization trace. The consultation includes the NONPF nucleus compatability in the primary shaft and the population-specific compatability in the promote shaft.

For this assignment, you are to re-examination the population-specific competencies from NONPF, re-examinationing the curriculum satisfied shaft (far correct) of that muniment (located in Instructional Materials). In your re-examination of that notification, delight show developments in shaft three of the self-assessment consultation of coursework, clinical, or experiences that moved you inside information of that compatability period in your program. In the fourth shaft, delight show areas you want to raise eliminate or entertain raise peril to, inveterate on the curriculum satisfied signed in the NONPF muniment, where conducive (see compatability development Women’s Health Role - Specific Compatability Self-Assessment (PDF).