julia’s food booth case problem


Julia’s Influence Booth Predicament Problem


Julia Robertson is a greater at Tech, and she’s investigating opposed ways to finance her conclusive year at ground.  She is regarding leasing a influence booth beyond the Tech stadium at abode football plays.  Tech vends out every abode play, and Julia knows, from attending the plays herself, that everyone eats a lot of influence.  She has to pay $1,000 per play for a booth, and the booths are not very comprehensive.  Vendors can vend either influence or drinks on Tech wealth, but not twain.  Only the Tech vigorous province acquiescence stands can vend twain internally the stadium.  She thinks hunchs of cheese pizza, hot dogs, and barbecue sandwiches are the most beloved influence items unarranged fans and so these are the items she would vend.


Most influence items are sold during the hour precedently the play starts and during half date; thus it allure not be feasible for Julia to fit the influence period she is vending it.  She must fit the influence forward of date and then fund it in a warming oven.  For $600 she can lease a warming oven for the six-play abode occasion.  The oven has 16 shelves, and each disposal is 3 feet by 4 feet.  She plans to replenish the oven succeeding a while the three influence items precedently the play and then repeatedly precedently half date.


Julia has negotiated succeeding a while a persomal pizza grant gang to surrender 14-inch cheese pizzas twice each play-2 hours precedently the play and equitable succeeding the opportunity kickoff.  Each pizza allure absorb her $6 and allure comprise 8 hunchs.  She estimates it allure absorb her $0.45 for each hot dog and $0.90 for each barbecue sandwich if she makes the barbecue herself the night precedently.  She measured a hot dog and plant it takes up environing 16 clear inches of boundlessness, forasmuch-as a barbecue sandwich takes up environing 25 clear inches.  She plans to vend a hunch of pizza and a hot dog for $1.50 separately and a barbecue sandwich for $2.25.  She has $1,500 in capital advantageous to alienation and fit the influence items for the primary abode play, for the cherishing five plays she allure alienation her ingredients succeeding a while currency she has made from the foregoing play.


Julia has talked to some students and vendors who own sold influence at foregoing football plays at Tech as well-behaved-behaved as at other universities.  From this she has discovered that she can foresee to vend at lowest as multifarious hunchs of pizza as hot dogs and barbecue sandwiches totally.  She besides anticipates that she allure probably vend at lowest twice as multifarious hot dogs as barbecue sandwiches.  She believes that she allure vend anything she can hoard and educe a customer disesteemed for the occasion if she follows these public guidelines for claim.


If Julia clears at lowest $1,000 in use for each play succeeding paying all her expenses, she believes it allure be value leasing the booth.


Address each of the issues A-D according to the instructions given.

(A)  Formulate and explain a Linear Programming Standard for this predicament.

(B)  Evaluate the anticipation of borrowing currency precedently the primary play.

(C)  Evaluate the anticipation of paying a adherent $100/play to back.

(D)  Analyze the impression of uncertainties on the standard.