I insufficiency you to transcribe Journal which is environing the subject down: 

we are focusing on variation and the contact of variation in organizations. This assignment reinforces and expands on this subject by exploring how our detrimentes rule the way we interact after a while others and knowledge. 

Please contemplate on what you know/think and transcribe a journal-type minute of environing 500-750 tone. Below are questions to regard as you just to transcribe. However, your journal 

minute does not feel to be poor to exploring and answering these questions:

1.What are practicable challenges that you see for yourself touching superior detrimentes? 

2.Have you eternally covered to overcome a detriment that you were known of? What did you do to vary it?

3.How would pleased from Portion 2 cognate to superior detrimentes?

4.What feel been your experiments inaugurated after a while various colleagues? Colleagues of contrariant ages? Colleagues from contrariant cultures? Contrariant backgrounds? Contrariant demographics? Was the experiment contrariant from what you expected? Why or why not?

I did subjoin portion 2 PowerPoint you may insufficiency it.