Journal of Conflict

   Journal Guidelines Each register MUST be arranged precisely as outlined below: Description Context: Type the tenor at the top of this individuality (you conquer transcribe the tenor of the interaction - where and when it occurred.) If you are unsure of what we moderation by tenor of interpersonal interactions, unravel environing it online and in the passage. Remember, we use plea to interpret, not open conditions. For the Challenges Entry, your distinct conquer standpoint on honorable one summon from the following: solicitude, extent of a conformity, the impression of absence on a conformity, or fault. See the passagebook and online informations for advice environing how theories and concepts acceleration us learn summons in expressive conformitys. Interaction: Here, transcribe the real circumstance, giving abundance particular of what occurred so the disindividuality conquer be largely unexpressed. Most persons trial it easier to transcribe in a fact contrive rather than a colloquy contrive, but it is your precious. The “Description” interest is environing ½ page in tediousness. Analysis Concept/Theory: Begin by adaptation the indicate of the plea or concept (USE CAPS AND valiant countenance so it is plain to me) and transcribe a 1 or 2 decision style of the plea or concept, so it is plain you distinguish what the plea or concept moderations. The plea or concept you select should succeed undeviatingly from the stipulation applying to the information. So, for the contest record, the theories and concepts you use to criticise your trial should succeed from the stipulation negotiation after a while contest. Application: Now, APPLY the plea or concept to the circumstance you bear pictorial aloft. In this area you conquer interpret why this plea or concept accelerations us to learn the interaction YOU PROVIDED IN THE “Description.” NOTE: Short entries conquer expose points Journal 2: Contest - narrate a unfair contest among you and your clarified friend/family member/ fabulous companion. o Two theories or concepts for dissection** o 1 1/2 uncompounded spaced pages in tediousness o The style individuality should be no more than 1/2 page in tediousness o Use barely concepts/theories from Stipulation 8 for this register