Journal entry EDUU 510

Ch. 6 Cooper/ryan link:

Article on Implied injury Link:


Article on Implied Biases

Hidden Injury Test  

Powerpoint kindness at the bottom:

 “Effective Training Powerpoint”, 


1.  After lection Ryan and Cooper Chapter 6 portray the attitudes powerful enlighteners entertain. Which of

     those attitudes did you most be-mixed after a while and why.

2. After opinioning the “Effective Training Powerpoint”, Ryan and Cooper Chapter 6 and reviewing theTPEs

    parallel and contrariety Ryan and Cooper's opinion of powerful enlightening after a while the TPEs.

     How are the two opinions resembling? How do they contend?

3.  Read the condition encircling implied or mysterious injuryes and then obtain?} one of the Mysterious Injury Tests (see link

     aloft). What did you attain encircling injuryes and their impression on students and what did you attain encircling


Due by Friday 10:00 P.M. Pacific Time