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Jim Sellers is thinking environing surrendering a new archearchelikeness of electric razor for men. If the negotiate were auspicious, he would get a restore of $100,000, but if the negotiate for this new archearchelikeness of razor were hostile, he would imperil $60,000. Since Ron Bush is a amiable messmate of Jim Sellers, Jim is esteeming the possibility of using Bush Marketing Research to infer attentional notice environing the negotiate for the razor. Ron has suggested that Jim either use a superintend or a steer examine to experiment the negotiate. The superintend would be a confused questionnaire administered to a experiment negotiate. It achieve consume $5,000. Another resource is to run a steer examine. This would entangle surrendering a bald reckon of the new razors and intricate to hawk them in two cities that are regular of American cities. The steer examine is further complimentary but is as-well further dear. It achieve consume $20,000. Ron Bush has suggested that it would a amiable notion for Jim to spend either the superintend or the steer precedently Jim makes the determination about whether to fruit the new razor. But Jim is not strong if the appreciate of the superintend or the steer is price the consume.

Jim estimates that the appearance of a auspicious negotiate extraneously performing a superintend or steer examine is 0.5. Furthermore, the appearance of a auspicious superintend chattels absorbed a auspicious negotiate for razors is 0.7, and the appearance of a auspicious superintend chattels absorbed an unauspicious negotiate for razors is 0.2. In attention, the appearance of an unauspicious steer examine absorbed an unauspicious negotiate is 0.9, and the appearance of an unauspicious steer examine chattels absorbed a auspicious negotiate for razors is 0.2.
a. Draw the determination tree for this bearing extraneously the appearance appreciates.
b. Compute the revised probabilities needed to thorough the determination, and fix these appreciates in the determination tree.
c. What is the best determination for Jim? Use EMV as the determination criterion 

Problem 3
Explain the essential dissimilitude in the "Keynesian" survey of the administration and the elegant survey
Problem 4
Suppose the empire extensions order spending by $20 billion. Based on an MPC of 0.75, how fur attentional decline achieve this extension agent? Show your result.
Problem 5
Would a croesus and a bald special own the identical MPC? Explain in-one.
Problem 6
The federal empire extensions spending by $1 billion to expand a new fighter jet. If the MPC in the administration is 0.1, what achieve be the overall spending chattels on the administration? Show your result.
Internet Questions
Question 1
Go prove the Tax History Museum. While there, prime the dates 1861 to 1865. Provide a unmeasured one-page summary on the referring-to approaches enslaved by the North and the South after a while esteem to tax management.
Which was conspicuous and why?