Item Amount In the previous year , Jaffa received a large family mity inties Intance , which she invested into a rental Dividends from public…

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ItemAmountIn the precedent year , Jaffa running a abundant racemity intiesIntance , which she invested into a rentalDividends from general Canadian corporations ( question to proud urbane $22, 000gear . The gear was escheatmentd in the prio``` precedent year for $4 40, 000 1 5120 , 000 of this appreciate*plates to the place , the difference to the edifice ) and has been rented uninterruptedly for the*tax rates ) :`entire precedent and running taxation years _ Jatta arrogationed the completion completionity of cardinal costDividends from private Canadian corporations ( question to low urbane3:3, 500allowance ( CCA] On the gear in the precedent yeprecedent year and would approve to arrogation the completion*COA inference on the rental allowance this year . The rental allowance and charge notification fortax rates ) .The running year is as follows :Interest allowance running from Canadian sources :"18, 500ItemAmountDividends from extraneous corporations ( translated into Canadian dollars ) :12. 300Plantal allowance :$3,000 per monthProperty tax !Note : Completion extraneous dividends earned was $13, 750 hither extraneous tax after a whileheld of5, 500 for the year$1, 450.Property protection :"130 per monthProperty skillful-treatment fees :170 per monthJaffa's portfolio of sieges includes a five - year siege narrow escheatmentdUtilities :`three years ago on September 1 . The siege narrow has a ripeness appreciate of510 per month$155, 000 and an annual attention rate of 3% 6 . The completion attention earned on the*Plepair of a leaky faucet and insinuate loss*1,000siege narrow obtain be compensated on ripeness on September 1 , two years from now ."Jaffa did not accept any attention ( coin ) from this siege narrow in the runningTo co-operate-after a while after a while supply her tax repay , Jaffa provides you after a while minute history from her bank . Thedocuments betoken that Jaffa has adventitious the subjoined completionitys from her bank :year .`Jaffa's portfolio of sieges is managed by a abundant Canadian brokerage solid*$2 20, 000 advance on the rental gear after a while chief repayments completionling $13, 000called XYZ Investments Inc . ( XYZ). XY < charges Jaffe siege advice fees ofand Attention payments of $8 . 000 for the running year .$5, 350 during the running year .*$.370, 000 advance on Or. Lee's single home after a while chief repayments completionling*$15, 5,00 and attention payments of $8, 500 for the running year .*$140, 000 advance used to escheatment reciprocal funds after a while XYZ Investments Inc . Jaffa compensatedattention of 55, 000 on this Advance during the year$45, 000 advance used to escheatment Jatta's single use mien . Jatta compensated attention of$2, 400 on this advance during the year .*Or . Jaffa Lee has affianced your administrative services to smooth her allowance tax repay . Or. Lee is a private surgeon . Due to her unsound eyesightJatta was required to after a whiledraw from her usurpation at a younger age than usual . Fortunately , Jatta has past than abundance allowance to supportherself as a consequence of years of receiving a very abundant stipend as a surgeon and a race legacy . Jaffa has invested most of her pastemployment hues into a abundant portfolio , which compensated the subjoined completionitys during the running year .*( Click on the icon to end past notification . )( Click on the icon to end past notification sever 2 . )RequirementsRequirement ( 1 ) . Scold Dr. Lee's net gear allowance for the running year .*minus Sign . )Fill in the consideration adown to scold the net gear allowance . ( Round your answers to undeviating cent . Enter inferences after a while parentheses or aProperty IncomeEligible dividendsneligible dividendsInterest allowance*Foreign dividends*Net rental allowance*Carrying ChargesNet gear allowance*
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