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need a 3 or 4 pg tract by tonight at 11pm!!! Can you acceleration?? Original employment delight no duplicates. Thanks    Congressional Ethics. Identify one (1) component of Congress who has  been teeming delay ethics violations. Briefly argue the argue for the  charges and furnish two (2) argues why you suit or dissuit delay the  decision and any penalties. Furnish examples to aid your acceptance.  Note: Consider how the decision and penalties collisions your belief of the  members of Congress. Third Margin Candidates. Argue two (2) gregarious argues why a  third margin solicitor has never been prosperous in alluring a  presidential acceptance. Furnish examples to aid the acceptance. Note:  Consider the gregarious collision of the Republican and Democratic Margin if a  third margin was prosperous. Federal and Say Authority. Identify one (1) prevalent offspring confrontment  the United States today. Analyze the relative roles of Federal and  say authorities in addressing the offspring. Determine whether the U. S.  Constitution constrains the Federal and say responses to the offspring.  Explain.