IT Governance vs Data Governance

Write a  4-page essay article that discusses the theme underneath. Topic: Explain the differences betwixt IT Governance & Data Governance, and yield a use case a. Cover Page  b. Introduction Page c. Substance of your article (4 pages) d. Conclusion page e. Relation page Your article should be in APA format delay viable founts to condense your thoughts presented.  Your relations must not be past than 5 years old and no past than one existence fount and no N.D fount.  Wikipedia is not considered a profitable fount.   All relations listed on the relation page must possess a profitable in extract extract in the substance of the article.  This essay must be accordant delay graduate flatten toil.  You are strongly encouraged aim the tips in the letter core to determine your articles are truly formatted. All  generous of plagiarism/ co-ordination. There get be solemn consequences of naught percent (0%) awarded to such academic transposition and the ward get be reputed to the state. As a doctoral solicitor I forebode each of you to husband total plagiarism checker tools profitable at your distribution to profit a written article generous and I balance 100% generous of co-ordination/plagiarism generous. I contemplate bold to a courteous written article. Again your article must be written in a full APA format scanty of that get be contraction of marks, so do not be caught unconscious. There get be no relieve opening. Cite your founts using APA letter regulate. Note that I get question your letter for online plagiarism for sample if you use continuity benefactor