IT and Business Transformation

  Create an APA formatted tractate in Microsoft Word.  Using your structure or an structure you are intimate delay, relate an IT implementation order. You can perceive manifold of these online if you do not bear one from your habit.  Relate the order. Was this order fortunate?   What made the implementation a prosperity or demand?  How could things bear been done reform? You must relate an real structure and exercise what you bear knowing to that structure.  This series is environing contact not assumption.   You must oration the questions overhead.   Use APA guidelines to make a tractate in Word. Your tractate should bear a minimum of 500 say - no over than 600 say -  addressing all the areas overhead.   Please enclose at least 3 knowing intimations 5 years or less old plus your passage to buttress your recommendations.   You must call and intimation in this tractate.   Articles: BPMN Coltman, T., Tallon, P., Sharma, R., & Queiroz, M. (2015). Strategic IT alignment: Twenty-five years on. Journal of Advice Technology, 30(2), 91-100. doi: Martinez-Simarro, D., Devece, C., & Llopis-Albert, C. (2015). How advice systems management moderates the relationship among occupation management and operation. Journal of Occupation Research, 68(7), 1592. Retrieved from  Gerow, J. E., Grover, V., Thatcher, J., & Roth, P. L. (2014). LOOKING TOWARD THE FUTURE OF IT–BUSINESS STRATEGIC ALIGNMENT THROUGH THE PAST: A META-ANALYSIS1. MIS Quarterly, 38(4), 1159-1186. Ho-Chang, C., Chang E., K., & Prybutok, V. R. (2014). INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CAPABILITY AND FIRM PERFORMANCE: CONTRADICTORY FINDINGS AND THEIR POSSIBLE CAUSES. MIS Quarterly, 38(1), 305-A14.