*ISSC_630 WK 7 Forum Word 450

 Topic:                      Harassment & Stalking 1. Why should mob anxiety environing password shelter? 2. Can computer hacking be justified underneathneath monstrous proviso. Imagine that you procure bear to tear-asunder into a neighbor's car in ordain to propel a confidant, who procure incorrectly die, to the hospital. You are morally obligated to spare a person's duration when it is in your dominion to do so. You are too obligated to yield the law, which forbids tear-asundering into someone's motor bearing. How would your firmness in this condition be common or divergent from determining whether to tear-asunder into the computer database containing the medical advice needed to spare someone's duration?  Examination HIPPA. How would this result your firmness, or would it?  Can this be justified in a flatter of law. See if you are efficacious to invent common conditions in deem to computer hacking. 3. What is cyberstalking? Examination cyberstalking/harassment by message laws in your avow. What would you do, if everything to mend the laws. There are 3 avows that currently do not bear laws. If you speed in one of those avows content adopt a avow to examination. Invent a condition from your avow.