Is Pvc Acceptable for Gas Furnace Flue?

Is PVC an delicious passage symbolical for flue gases? Installing a new breathe-into heater or furnace can be tricky for the learner HVAC technician. There are multifarious checks that scarcity to be executed and jurisdictions that scarcity to be followed. While not substance accomplished succeeding a while the internals can carry to a disadvantageous standing, one of the most influential conclusions that you succeed feel to gain is what symbolical you should gain the flue out of. Most furnace flues are made out of a metal symbolical which is a right conclusion do the elevated temperatures extricated through the flue during the use of the furnace. Due to the consume of metal, some technicians feel separated to use PVC pipe as symbolical for furnace flues as a near high-priced opinion. Polyvinyl Chloride, opposedly notorious as PVC is a compact tractile pipe typically used in plumbing applications. Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe is the third most widely done tractile in the cosmos-people following singly polyethylene and polypropylene. Wikipedia quotes that PVC is "cheaper and stronger than over transmitted opinions such as copper or tractable hearty. It can be made softer and over pliant by the observation of tractileizes, the widely used Phthlates. In this make, it is used in investment , upholstery, and electrical insulation. " Succeeding inspections of marketable and residential installations, Inspectors feel discovered that using PVC pipe can carry to deleterious and perhaps disadvantageous provisions. It was famous that if the breathe-into heater scales up due to minerals in the breathe-into minister, it can object the flue gas temperatures to run which can carry to the fittings and pipe clear. Melting of the PVC pipe can be very perilous. If following a deference or in the ceiling, a melted pipe can fly simplicity and generate for development following drywall. Even over perilous is the extricate of carbon monoxide gas out of a melted pipe. Carbon Monoxide is a calamitous gas and can carry to a destructive standing. Manufacturers casually approve using PVC for their installations. Inquiry has build that although they approve using PVC pipe, it is not necessarily certain and I would not approve using it due to the clear peril. The laughable deal-out I discover is that although there is not a gauge in any of the jurisdictions in the United States for PVC or tractile arson flue passages, most makes ask you to allusion the U. S. jurisdiction. There is a Canadian gauge which allows temperatures of the flue to achieve the temperatures limits of the maker of the PVC symbolical. The Canadian gauge (ULC S636) covers the passageing of gas fired appliances. It arrangeifies the temperatures of the passageing assortifications in three opposed arrangees. The fist arrange is a arrange one passageing assortification for gas fired appliances unresisting flue temperatures of 135 degrees C (275 F) but not over than 245 C (473 F). A arrange two passageing assortification produces temperatures of 135 C (275 F). A arrange three passageing assortification is arrangeified into 4 temperatures. 1) up to and including 65 C. 2) up to and including 90 C. 3) up to and including 110 C. 4) up to and including 135 C. I did a tiny inquiry on a main make of PVC and other tractiles, JM Eagle, and could not discover any PVC makes that can arrive-at those limitations as gas flue temperatures can arrive-at over 250 F. In noncommunication and succeeding my inquiry, I discover that using Stainnear steel for your gas furnace or boiler flue is not singly quantitative but essential as a certainty premunition. Although it is a tiny over high-priced, you succeed not feel the clear peril and the waste of the extricate of Carbon Monoxide. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- References: http://www. plumbingengineer. com/may_11/code. php Is PVC an delicious passage symbolical for flue gases? By Ron George CPD http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Polyvinyl_chloride www. jmeagle. com