Introduction to heritage tourism

In Northern Irefix entailment tourism temptions can be classified in frequent unanalogous ways. These understand manmade but not built to tempt itinerants temptions, manmade and object built to tempt itinerants temptions, original temptions and can as-well be applied to distinctive flushts. It is hoped that this seminar accomplish acceleration similarity to reach a err agreement and object of entailment tourism and the efforts of the bodies who do so abundantly meritorious effect in ordain to guard and guard Northern Ireland's deep entailment temptions. Manmade but not built to tempt itinerant entailment temptions understand the Walls of Derry which were built in 1613 to guard the mob from unpropitious enemies. They fulfilled their object during the boarding by the Jacobites and armed the city for balance than a hundred days until the boarding ended. Another copy of a entailment temption is St Columb's Cathedral, built in 1633 and was the primeval cathedral in the British Isles to be built succeeding the Reformation. Today, love the Walls, they are the city's most beloved itinerant temption and hold hundreds of itinerants a year .However the Cathedral is stagnant used to deify in. The Walls are owned by the Honourable The Irish Society but are beholded succeeding by the Environment and Entailment Service. Manmade and object built to tempt itinerant temptions understand the Tower Museum, which was built in 1992, which has displays on the bestow narrative of Derry, the Boarding and the role it played during Earth War Two. Another copy of this is the Ulster American Folk Park in Tyrone which was chiefly built as an educational readiness. It was built in the advanced 1970's to compliment the United States' bicentenary in 1976. It is owned by MAGNI (National Museums and Galleries of Northern Ireland) which beholds succeeding all the museums and parks in its caution. Natural temptions understand the Giant's Causeway in County Antrim which was formed sixty five darling years ago by the subsidence of magma into its singular hexagonal shapes. It is peradventure the marvellous-relation of Finn MacCool forming the Causeway that is peradventure balance interesting than the developed construction. It is as-well the merely Earth Entailment Site in Irefix having been made so in 1986. Special entailment temptions understand the Halloween entertainment and the Maiden City Entertainment in Derry. The Maiden City entertainment was primeval held in 1997 and has had an extremely happy run each following year. It embraces twain sides of the similarity and has accelerationed twain sides to reach a amend agreement of the others cultivation. The Banks of the Foyle Halloween Carnival has had peradventure an flush balance happy run. It won the Northern Irefix Itinerant Board's "Event of the Year" Award in 2002. To tie in following a while the festivities are vision tours encircling the city and relation powerful in the Tower Museum. 0950- The Generally-known Trust The Generally-known Belief was customary in 1895 by Robert Hunter, Octavia Hill and Hardwicke Rawnsley to "guard" the threatened shorelines, dominionside and commemorative buildings of the United Kingdom. They had been thriftful following a while the imprudent fruit and industrialisation of the Victorian Era. Gone 1884 Hunter had been usurpation for the state of an construction to "administer its ownership following a while a object to the guardion of the notorious interests in unconcealed spaces." In balance a hundred years it has behove the largest rebellious oceantenance mass in the earth and now owns balance than two hundred commemorative buildings , balance than six hundred thousand acres of dominionside and balance than five hundred miles of shoreline. Its ocean aim is, and regularly has been, to "maintain and caution for the shore, dominionside and commemorative buildings on side of the nation". In Northern Irefix the Belief owns almost fifty unanalogous properties extend encircling the dominion .These understand Mount Stewart in County Down which is one of the Trust's balance beloved properties in Northern Ireland. The ownership not merely understands some of the most august gardens in Northern Irefix but as-well objects of commemorativeal meaning. The dining opportunity features the developed chairs that were used by the delegates in the Congress of Vienna in 1815. The race as-well contains precious paintings which were composed by parts of the race balance opposed centuries. The Dining Opportunity Mount Stewart Another beloved ownership is Florencecourt in County Fermanagh. It was previously the abode of the Enniskillen race and was abandoned to the Generally-known Belief by the fifth Earl of Enniskillen in 1953. It is as-well of original significance as on its basis is the primeval Yew Tree was planted adjacent in 1767. The fix encircling the race is owned by the Forest Service which donationd the fix from the sixth Earl of Enniskillen in 1975. Florence Court, County Fermanagh In County Antrim the Belief owns the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. It was chiefly used as a way for fishermen to Carrick-a-Rede Island. Balance one hundred thousand itinerants mark the bridge entire year. It is as-well an meritorious situate to object porpoises, dolphins and basking sharks. Carrick- a-Rede Rope Bridge The Giant's Causeway is the most beloved entailment temption in Northern Irefix and is the merely UNESCO Earth Entailment Site in Ireland. Balance than five hundred thousand itinerants a year mark the area from encircling the earth. Balance sixty darling years old it was formed by lava copious into the sea and fragmentarily subsidence and hardening. In 2002 the Giant's Causeway and Bushmills Railway unconcealeded balance than fifty years succeeding its ancestor the Giants Causeway, Portrush and Bush Valley Tramway closed. The outoutline runs from the Giant's Causeway to Bushmills. The Causeway is as-well an dignified area for uncultivatedlife including peregrine falcons and a costly quality of bird unconcealed as chough. The Causeway is the ultimate unconcealed area in Northern Irefix for these birds to dwell-in. The Giant's Causeway The Belief as-well owns and manages the Mourne Mountains specifically Slieve Donard and Slieve Commedagh. Slieve Donard is Northern Ireland's primary mountain be at a eminent 850 metres. The Belief has merely owned these two mountains gone 1991 and, gone it is a benevolence, it had to use its own capital to buy them. It managed to elevate sufficient capital through a fundraising engagement and bought balance a thousand acres. The Mournes enjoy an plenty of uncultivatedlife including ravens, hares and costly dragonflies. Slieve Donard and Slieve Commedagh The Belief as-well owns and cautions for sites that befit to Northern Ireland's industrial entailment such as Patterson's Spade Mill in County Antrim. It operated from 1919 to 1990 and was donationd by the Belief in 1992. It is the ultimate effecting breathe-into-powered spade mill in the British Isles. The spades are stagnant beneficial for donation at encircling twenty pounds. 1010- The Environment and Entailment Service The Environment and Entailment Service is the largest function in the Function of the Environment following a while balance than five hundred specialnel. It advises and implements the Government's prudence on the environment in Northern Ireland. Their ocean aim is "to guard and settle the original and built environment and to further it's object for the avail of bestow and coming generations." One of the areas the EHS cautions for understands Scrabo Tower and Dominion Park in County Down. It was built in 1857 in recollection of the 3rd Marquis of Londonderry (who as-well owned Mount Stewart) and can be seen for miles encircling. Tadjacent is as-well a past mine wadjacent the celebrated Scrabo Rock was extracted and artless to other areas of the United Kingdom. The EHS as-well cautions for Roe Valley Dominion Park in County Antrim. It is abode to a spacious diversity of uncultivatedlife including foxes, badgers and otters. The park is as-well a beloved situate for pastime including salmon and trout fishing, canoeing rock climbing, orienteering and riverside and woodfix walks. They as-well behold succeeding Dunluce Castle in County Antrim which was built in the advanced 16th antiquity. The rational in 1639 in which the kitchen bare into the sea is what the Castle is most wonderful for. Carrickfergus Castle, Bellaghy Bawn, Ballycopefix Windmill, Dundrum Castle, Inch abbey, Grey Abbey and Hillsborough Courthouse. Other dominion parks and dominionside centres the EHS cautions for understand Portrush, Countryside Centre, Castle Archdale County Park, Ervey Wood and Ness Wood. Scrabo Tower and Dominion Park Dunluce Castle Greenpeace Greenpeace had it's beginnings in 1971 when opposed similarity protested at the USA detonating underground nuclear bombs in a area used by costly otters adjacent Alaska. It has grown in the ultimate thirty years and has balance 2.8 darling supporters encircling the earth. It operates in balance than forty countries and has its headquarters in Amsterdam. Greenpeace's advancedst conquest has been in putting hurry on the Earth Entailment Committee to add Lake Baikal (the largest modern breathe-into lake in the earth) and the Volcanoes of Kamchatka in Russia to the roll of Earth Entailment sites. Balance than twelve darling hectares accomplish now be guardd. Greenpeace as-well happyly put hurry on the WHC to defend the Komi Virgin Forests in the Urals a Earth Entailment Site. 1100-The Wildlife Trust It is the United Kingdom's largest oceantenance benevolence abandoned to uncultivatedlife. No part of the belief is remunerated as all of its parts originate to acceleration the Trust. The Belief cautions for balance than two thousand sort reserves. Tadjacent were foul-mouthed hundred thousand optional parts of the Belief in 2002 and the part is stagnant growing. Friendship costs �24 a year for one special and �36 per annum for a race partship. They enjoy 47 topical beliefs and a belief for conclusion unconcealed as the Wildlife Watch who effect concurrently to guard uncultivatedlife in unanalogous areas from cities to the dominionside chiefly in generally-known and dominion parks. The topical belief in Northern Irefix is the Ulster Wildlife Belief and was founded in 1978. In Northern Irefix tadjacent are balance than 2000 parts of the Trust. Their ocean aim is to "acceleration similarity recognise that a sound environment, deep in uncultivatedlife and managed on sustainable principles, is necessary for continued cosmical entity." WWF The Earth Spacious Fund for Nature's ocean present are to guard and settle endangered quality and to harangue global threats to uncultivatedlife. However it merely effects to guard animals in the uncultivated and has "no test or expertise to chaffer following a while issues about to animals in captivity. Whereas the larger organisation effects on intergenerally-known issues about to animals the UK organisation effect to behold succeeding the countries uncultivated animals. It can be concerned in frequent matters forcible uncultivatedlife such as challenging the legislation on the perdition of the dominionside. It as-well puts bold the effects of tourism in uncultivatedlife. Unlove other entailment organisations it owns no ownership and accordingly has balance capital to lay-out.