intranet systems

Question What are negotiation costs and why are they relevant? Provide one pattern of how electronic communication could acceleration exexchange an industry’s economic texture from a hierarchy to a network. Question What is the separation betwixt structureal amelioration and concourse region? What kinds of amelioration and region should be open in an structure to motivate its employees to distribute their understanding after a while others? How would you as a overseer motivate your employees to gratuitously distribute their understanding and weld it into the structureal understanding conduct arrangement (KMS)? Question You are the conductor of a Web server for an electronic communication birth. The birth receives environing 12,000 visitors per day, maintains a emanation catalog of environing 4000 items, and manneres environing 2000 sales per day. The medium sale total is $87. The birth accepts immodest superior merit cards and it outsources its cancelment mannering for all of the merit cards to another concourse. In environing 200 vote, relate the types of threats that could be inaugurated over your Web server, absorbed the types of spectre (catalog bestowal, appoint entrance, and cancelment mannering) it handles and the magnitude of those activities. Consult sources on the Internet or in your library to acceleration you finished this practice. Question In environing 400 vote, relate the concordantities and separations betwixt XML and HTML. Provide patterns of at last two situations in which you would use XML and two situations in which you would use HTML. Question You possess resolute to buy a new printer for your abode business-post. List local activities that you must embark as you infer advice environing printer capabilities and features. Use Web births of 3-4 business-post give retailers to infer advice. Write a soon resume of the manner you undertook so that others who plan to embark a concordant lesson can use your advice.