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  15 Pages  Our Company is Disney. 

Team Elaboration Topics:

The team elaboration theme can be one of the following

1. Interdiplomatic Marketing Entry Strategy Plan: a. Select a emanation and evaluating its opportunities for interdiplomatic matter. 

Example: Export wine to China; Export Solid thicket wares to Japan; Selling

American lifestyle emanations in Argentina. Import Brazilian liquor to the USA. 

b. Define a provided company: Company extent and resources, competitive 

advantages, positioning, and overall orientation.

• Conduct elaboration to confirm and evaluate undeveloped marketing 

opportunities: open matter environment, cultural reply, emanation 

market undeveloped.

• Select your target customers from one of the elder geographical areas (not 

entire dominion) 

• Good references are from the American Chamber of Commerce websites, 

US Commerce Department Export websites, and websites of the dominion. 

c. Confirm the contemplated strategy, i.e. adjustification, expense and promotional policy

d. Draw up the details of your strategic cunning, 

• Emanation positioning and modifications,

• Pricing strategy

• Classification strategy 

• Promotional strategy 

• Competitive Decomposition (SWOT, PESTEL, and Porter)

• Assumptions: You can either consequenceion or ship your emanation/service 

from the U.S. or from that dominion, and bear a date horizon for your 

marketing cunning of 3 years

e. What are the key factors determining prosperity in marketing the emanation and any 

specific constraints which clog the marketing effort


The team contrivance procure be degreed as follows:

1. Instructor grading (see grading criteria)

2. Team Grading – Team members procure evaluate and communicate each other a degree (1 to 10) 

on the efforts of your equal teammates. 

Instructor and adjust grading procure be grounded on the following: 

1. Depth of decomposition. Were materials used well-mannered-mannered and correctly?

2. Quality of elaboration 

3. Does the collection conduct scholarship encircling the con-over and their theme?

4. Participation. Did all students in the collection actively join-in in the 

collection is-sue and introduction?

Make stable you include an annotated bibliography in your developed pamphlet.